Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A love affair with yarn

It has not even been a year yet, since I discovered the joys of crochet. Along with that comes a new love.

The textures, the fibres, the colours. Thick and thin, bulky, mohair. Acrylic, alpaca, silk, wool, cotton.  Any type, any kind, its all good. The way it feels in your hands as you touch test the ball before deciding what to make, and waiting for it to speak to you, to tell you what it wants to be. One basket becomes a crate, a crate becomes a tub and before you know it your buying speciality bookshelves to deal with the overflow.

My name is Myshelle, and I am a yarn addict.
Im guessing if you landed on this page, chances are your a yarn addict too.
I want to tell you about a new place where you can buy and sell yarn online. No middleman, no stores with hijacked prices, direct from the maker! Pretty sure the idea of this is making everyone drool so here it is

The link!

Joining is free, and for the month of Feb so is listing! So what are you waiting for, head on over to Alpaca Fleeces and find some absolute delights!

**WARNING: Site may cause excitement and possible drooling over the yumminess of the fibres. I reccomend not leaning over your keyboard and securing a bib.**


  1. oh my! hard to believe you haven't been crocheting for a single year yet, you have come up with some wonderful creations! I have been attempting crochet on and off for several years and still can't progress past a (not so) square baby blanket!

    1. Started in July of last year, I had previously tried knitting but ended up with a huge mess. If your having trouble I highly recommend YouTube for tutorials, its how I taught myself and its incredibly easy when you have the ability to pause and rewind and watch the same thing over and over. Good luck with it! <3