Saturday, March 30, 2013

DigiScrap Kit - Bright and Bumpy Frames


I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter. Today I have a set of brightly coloured frames to shyare, Enjoy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

DigiScrap Kit - Flowers in Vases

Hi again!

Another few little elements today, some gel look flowers in vases :) Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DigiScrap Kit - More Cardstock Flowers - Freebie

Hello again,

Today I have another little set of cardstock flowers to share. I just love making these they are so much fun!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dragon Rattle

Hello lovlies!

Today I have something a little different. A new rattle design for you to whip up for your little one. Uses only a small amount of yarn and stuffing and has crocheted eyes for safety. I do love making rattles, Im sure Ill have more in the future! This pattern could also easily double as a pony or horse by making the ears a little longer, and adding a mane instead of spikes.  Woohoo, 2 for 1!

This pattern is currently UNTESTED, please let me know if you find an error

You will need:
A small amount of white and black for eyes and a main and contrasting colour in DK weight (8ply) yarn
3mm hook
needle for sewing
stitch marker

Everything is worked in rounds

1. ch2, 6sc in the 1st chain, place marker
2. *2sc in the next stitch, sc in the next stitch* repeat around
3. *2sc in the next stitch, sc in the next 2 stitches* repeat around
4. sc in each stitch around
5. 2sc in each stitch around
6. sc in each stitch around
7. *2sc in the next stitch, sc in the next 3 stitches*
8. sc in the first 20 stitches, 2sc in each of the last 10 stitches
9. sc in each stitch around
10. *sc2tg, sc in the next 3 stitches* repeat until last 2 stitches, sc in last 2
11. sc in each stitch around
12. *sc2tg, sc in the next 2 stitches* repeat around
13. sc in each stitch around
14. *sc2tg, sc in the next stitch* repeat around
STUFF here, and insert bell or rattle if desired
15. sc2tg around

End off leaving a long tail. Using the tail gather the last row together and pull tight to join.

Ears, Make 2.

1. ch2, 5sc in the 1st chain
2. 2sc in each stitch around
3-4 sc in each stitch around

End off leaving a long tail. Squash the ear flat, then pinch together so the bottom has a fold, creating a curved ear. Use the tail to do a stitch to hold it together then sew onto the head.

Eyes, Make 2.

1. ch2, 7sc in the first chain
Change to white
2. 2sc in the first 2 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch, 2dc in the next stitch, 2hdc in the next stitch, 2sc in the next 2 stitches, sl st in remainder to join. Leave long tail to sew onto head.


1. ch2, 6sc in the first chain
2. 2sc in each stitch around
3+ sc in each stitch around until piece measures desired length. Mine is 3 inches
Last row: sc in the first 5 stitches, dc in the last 5 stitches
This creates a slightly raised side on the handle which will make it easier to fit the sloped head on. Stuff and sew onto head.

In contrasting colour
1. Chain 30
2. *sl st, sc, (dc, ch2, dc), sc, sl* repeat across. You should have 5 humps.
Leave a long tail and sew onto the head and down the handle.

Using black embroider some nostrils on.

Friday, March 22, 2013

DigiScrap Kit - Paper Birds - Freeies

Hello again,

Another small embellishment pack today moved across from the old blog, and one of my more popular. Paper birds! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Petite Cocoon - Free Pattern

Hello lovlies,

I did say I would have more very small crocheted cocoons this month, and here is number 2. The Petite. Designed with a gathered bottom, button up top and a head rest. this cocoon will gently wrap a baby of 14-16 weeks gestation. My completed cocoon measures 7 inches from the top of the headrest to the bottom, and just over 3 inches wide.

This cocoon is simple to make, and shouldn't take very long to complete. It looks equally good other colours.

Petite Cocoon 

You will need:
1 small button
1 length of ribbon for the bottom
3.75mm hook
4 ply (fingering weight) yarn in main colour, and a scrap in a contrasting colour.

1. ch24
2. hdc in the second chain from hook and each across (23)
3. ch2, turn, 2hdc in the first stitch, hdc in all stitches until the second last, 2hdc in the last stitch (25)
4. Repeat row 3. (27)
5. ch2, turn, hdc in each stitch across (27)
6. Repeat row 3 (27)
7-13. ch2, turn, hdc in each stitch across (27)
14. ch1, turn, sl st in the first 11 stitches, hdc in the same stitch, hdc in the next 8 stitches (9)
15. ch2, turn, hdc 9 (9)
16. Repeat row 15. (9)
17. ch1, turn, hdc 2, dc 5, hdc 2 (9)
18. ch1, turn, sc2tg, skip the next 2, 7 dc's in the next stitch, skip the next 2, sc2tg. End off.

Join your contrasting colour to 1 corner of the top of the hood, sc evenly across the top, up over the hood and onto the opposite side to the corner. End off and weave in ends.
Attach button in desired location.
Take the ribbon and weave the yarn in and out of the stitches in the first row and pull tight to gather, make a bow.

Friday, March 15, 2013

DigiScrap Kit - Cardstock Flowers - Free Kit

Hello beautiful people!
Today I started the daunting task of moving all of my scrap kits from my old blog across from here. Don't worry, Ill spread everything out so you don't get overwhelmed with posts :)

Today is a simple pack of cardstock flowers. I have so much fun making flower elements so you can expect plenty more in the future!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Party Legwarmers and Headband Set - Free Prop Pattern

It sure has been a long time coming! Finally I have a new photography prop pattern! This pattern will make a pair of super adorable ankle to knee leg warmers and a little flower headband. These beauties add a pop of colour, a little texture and a bunch of cute for any baby's shoot! Will fit a bub of 0-3 months old.

I have a whole bunch of prop ideas so you can expect plenty more of these in the future, along with more prem patterns, more toy patterns and more scrap kits!

Party Legwarmers and Headband.

5.5mm Hook
DK weight yarn in main and contrasting colours. (8ply for aus)

Chain does NOT count as a stitch.
Join in the FIRST stitch, not to the chain.
First stitch of each row is in the same space as the initial chain. 

These steps will help create an almost invisible seam.

Start with contrasting colour:

1. ch23, being careful not to twist it, join.
2. ch1, sc in each stitch around, join.
3-4 ch1, sc in the back loop only each stitch around, join.

End contrasting colour and join main

5. ch2, hdc back loop only in each stitch around, join.
6-11. ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join.

End main colour and join contrasting colour

12. ch1, sc in each stitch around, join.
13-14. ch1, sc in the back loops only in each stitch around.

End off and weave in all tails.


Chain 43 (or length needed for babies head)
sc in the second chain and each chain across. Sew together


ch2, sc 6 times into the 1sc chain.
In first sc work the following (sl st, hdc, dc, hdc, sl st) repeat in all six sc's to make 6 petals. Leave a long tail.

Sew flower onto headband.

Hope you enjoy this pattern :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DigiScrap - Fabric Nature Tags - Free Kits

Good Morning peeps!

Another little set of embellishments that have been sitting on my harddrive for far too long! I hope you enjoy using them as much as I like making them!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heart Motif Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello again lovlies!

Today I have a new prem pattern to share. This one took me a bit of working on but I'm fairly pleased with the results. Its not what I would call a beginner pattern, but it isn't hard either. It's also my first pattern with some colour work that isn't stripes.

This hat will fit a bub born at around 34 weeks gestation (6 weeks early) however because it is made bottom up, it is very easy to adjust the sizes up or down. Just remember to adjust the height as well when you play with the width.

3.75mm hook
dk weight yarn in main colour and contrasting heart colour.
For this pattern the colours will be marked as White and Red (W, R)
stitch marker

This hat is worked in continual rounds

Note when changing colour: Complete the sc before the colour change as normal, but the last yarn over and pull through, drop the colour of the yarn you are using and complete the stitch using the colour of the yarn you are changing to. To see a video of this click here:

1. ch 46, careful not to twist, join and place marker.
2. sc in each stitch around
3. sc 8 in white, 1 in red, 37 in white
4. sc 7 in white, 3 in rdd, 36 in white
5. sc 6 in white, 5 in red, 35 in white
6. sc 5 in white, 7 in red, 34 in white
7. Repeat round 6
8. sc 6 in white, 2 in red, 1 in white, 2 in red, 35 in white
9. sc in each st around
10. sc in each st around
11. *sc9, sc2tg* Repeat 3 more times, sc in the last 2
12-15. sc in each stitch around
16. *sc 4, sc2tg* Repeat around
17-19. sc in each stitch around

Leave a long tail for sewing the top together.

Weave the tail in and out of the stitches on the last round and pull tight to gather. Sew in place.

Make a small pompom and add to the top of the hat.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

DigiScrap - Beaded Wires - Free Kit

Hello again Lovelies,

Just a small kit today, this one is 2 pretty wire embellishments with beads. They are excellent for adding some pop to a page. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DigiScrap - Earth Toned Papers - Free Kit

Hello beautiful people

Today I have for you a small pack of earthy toned papers. I can't for the life of me remember what kit idea I was trying with these, they were in my to finish folder from last year. Im sure someone will find a use for them. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Collar Cocoon

Hello again beautiful people,

Today Im back with a new cocoon pattern. It was suggested to me by Nikki from Chance’s Clothes Project that there was a need for some more variations in smaller sized cocoons, and you guys know Im more then happy to put my thinking cap on when something is suggested. My aim this month is to come up with at least 5 small (14/16/18 weeks gestation) sized cocoons for you to crochet.

Why cocoons? Simply because babies this small, its very very hard to dress them. Their skin is so fragile, sometimes broken and so we want to move them as little as possible. Placing them inside a cocoon means they are secure and not moved a great deal, while still offering dignity to baby and family.

So lets get onto today's pattern. This cocoon is quite simple, and has a nice little collar that would be great for a boy, but with a few small flowers just as great for a girl.

Size wise mine comes out at almost 7 inches long and 5 inches wide and will fit a baby of 16 to 18 weeks gestation.

You will need
4mm hook
DK weight (8ply) yarn
2 matching buttons (mine are 1cm)

1. ch2, hdc 10 times into the 1st chain, sl st to join.
2. ch2, *1hdc in the first st, 2hdc in the next stitch*, join. (16)
3-4. repeat round 2 (23, 34)
5-11. ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join. (34)
12. ch2, hdc in each stitch around, do not join. From here on we will work in rows. (34)
13-15. ch2, turn, hdc in each stitch across. (34)
16. ch1, turn, sl st in the first 10 stitches, dc in the next 14 stitches, sl st in the last 10 stitches
17. ch1, turn, sl st in the first 10, hdc in the next 3, dc in the next 8, hdc in the next 3, sl st in the last 10.
18. ch1, turn, sl st in the first 13, hdc in the next 8, sl st in the last 13. End off.

Fold the corners down and add the buttons, this helps keep the corners down.