Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cherub Comfort Cradle

Hello lovlies. I hope everyone is having a fine weekend.

I have a new pattern for you all today. I've been working on this on and off for some months. The idea at least. I knew what I wanted but my drafts didn't work and I kept revisiting it. I didn't want to release it until I was happy with it. Well now I am! I sat down this weekend and knew I wanted to get this little beauty finished, photographed and sorted. It is, as most of my patterns are, untested. However I have made it myself 3 times to make sure it works and I have no issues. If you find one please let me know.

This pattern was born from frustration at not being able to find one. I know a lot of people out there use the cradle purse patterns to make angel baby beds, and thats great. I've done it myself and while they do work, I always had this nagging thought, that its just an afterthought using a toy pattern. I wanted something that was made FOR angels, the afterthought can be for play. I'm sure these would delight any little girl and make excellent shower gifts too but primarily, they are designed to gently hold the resting bodies of tiny angels and to give comfort to parents.

Onto the logistics!
Ok so, this cradle is roughly 7 inches in length and 6 inches tall from base to the highest point of the hood. It is designed for the smallest of the small. I promise Ill have larger ones up soon, right now tho lets roll with this.
Anyone that can adjust easily, just add a few extra chains to the start and it will come out larger.
As always, AMERICAN terms for crochet, Ive tried to remember to use both inches and cm throughout for measurements tho.

You will need 
DK weight yarn (held doubled, so 2 balls or roll half a ball off so you can use 2 strands) for the cradle
DK weight yarn in contrasting colour for version 1
6.5mm and 6.00mm hook for the cradle
3.00mm hook for the flowers on variation 1
5.00mm hook for ruffles and edges on version 1
Flat colourless or one colour plastic for the base. I've tried a few different things all with success. Firstly, the clear lids from rectangle takeaway containers work wonderfully. Plastic plates (the oval disposable kind) work well too. You can also use plastic lids from ice cream containers once you clean the sticker off and plastic canvas (the kind you cross stitch with) So long as its lightweight and doesn't have bright colours or patterns on it (you'll see that through the yarn) then your good.
Ribbon for version 3
1 meter (40 inches) of lace and 2 satin bows or flowers for version 3
a sewing needle and yarn needle
stitch markers, these are a must. If you have none pins work just as well.

The Base - Make 2

NOTE: 2hd = make 2 hdc in the same stitch
hdc2tg = hdc 2 together.

1. ch10

2. hdc 3 times in the second from hook and the next 7 chains, work 3 hdc into the last ch. Now working on
the other side, hdc in the next 7, hdc in the last (same as starting chain), join

3. ch2, hdc in the same st as chain, 2hdc in the next 2 st, hdc next 7, 2hdc next 3 st, hdc next 8, join

4. ch2, hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc in the next 7 stitched, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc in the next 8 stitches, join

5. ch2, hdc in the next 2, 2hdc, hdc in the next 2, 2hdc, hdc in the next 2, 2hdc, hdc in the next 7, 2hdc, hdc in the next 2, 2hdc, hdc in the next 2, 2hdc, hdc in the next 9, join.

Finish off, weave in ends

You should have this after 3.

Putting the base together.

Cut out your insert slightly smaller then the base size. We are going to sandwich the plastic between the 2 base pieces to make the whole bed alot more sturdy.

Holding the pieces so the plastic is on the inside, join your yarn on any stitch on an end piece, towards the centre. Stitching through both pieces, single crocher the entire way around. I find it helps if I use stitch markers in each corner to hold everything in place while Im doing this round, to stop the plastic sliding out.

The Sides

1. ch2, hdc in the back loops only all around, join
2. Drop to a 6mm hook and from here on out we'll be sc in a continual round, no joins. sc in each st around until the sides measure roughly 2.5-3 inches tall

The Hood

Find the centre of one of the ends and count off eight stitches either side (mark them with stitch markers), sc around until your last stitch is in the 8th st you marked to the left of the centre.

1. ch2, turn, hdc across to the 8th stitch on the opposite side of the centre
2. ch2, turn, hdc in each hdc across (16)
3. ch2, turn, hdc in the next 6, hdc2tg twice, hdc in the last 6 (14)
4. ch2, turn, hdc in the next 4, hdc2tg 3 times, hdc last 4 (11)
5. ch2, turn, hdc, hdc2tg 4 times, hdc in the last 2. finish off leaving a 6 inch tail to sew the top closed

Flip the hood inside out and line up the centre seam. sew it closed and turn the hood back in the right way.

That completes the basic cradle. You can choose to decorate it your own way or you can read on for 3 decoration variations.

Version 1.  Ruffles and Flowers

Take a contrasting yarn (Im using Baby Belle Lullabye which is a DK weight yarn in bamboo which has a lovely light drape) and a 5mm hook. We're going to create a ruffle on the bottom of the cradle using the leftover loops from our bacl loop only row. You can see them sticking out. Take your hook and slide it under the stitch and join your yarn with a sl st. ch3, dc three more in the same stitch. Then dc 4 times in every stitch around the bace. When you get back to the start join with a slst to the top of the ch3 we started with. Finish off and weave in ends.

With the same colour join the yarn to the edge of the cradle and sc around the entire opening, being careful to evenly space the stitched when you work your way around the hood section. join to the forst st and finish of, weaving in ends

5 point mini flowers
Using the same yarn and a 3mm hook ch7, slst to the 1st chain. ch5, sl st to the first chain. Repeat 3 more times so you have 5 petal. sl st to the first and leave  along tail for sewing to cradle. Attach one to the corner of each side of the hood.

Version 2. Ribbons and Bows

Using thin satin ribbon to crochet with, and leaving a long tail (8 or so inches) join 2 stitches to the left of the front center and single crochet around the entire cradle, careful to space the stitches out over the hood. Crochet around until you are 2 stitches to the right of the front center and finish off leaving a long tail. Using both tail pieces make a bow. Trim the ties.

3. Sewn with lace.

Take a piece of lace or ribbon that is long enough to go around the entire cradle and then with extra for gathering, my piece is about 36 inches or 90cm long and was just long enough, if you prefer more ruffles aim for a meter long. You can also get pre ruffled laces, the kind used for bed dolls is especially good for this. I fold over small sections and sew them down as Im going. 

Starting on the side just below the hood corner attach your cotton and sew the lace around the edge, gathering or pleating as you go to create ruffles. Sew a small satin flower or bow to the center of both the hood and the front of the cradle.

Thats it guys. Honestly there are so so many more ways you could decorate these, unfortunately my embellishment box is a bit low on supplies so I just used what I had on hand but I'm sure you can think of alot more. The best part is they can be as simple as you like and still look stunning, and are very gender neutral! Feel free to share your finished ones on Ravelry. I know Ive said it before but adding projects on there means more people will see the pattern, become aware of the need for these items and maybe make some themselves and thats a massive win/win! Massive thanks to Amie and Coco for helping me name it <3


  1. this is beautiful, fairly simple to make and a lovely shape, thank you

  2. this ist very lovely... thank you for the free instructions!

  3. I am very new to the world of crochet, I did struggle a little with the base, but sort of made my own instructions based on your shape. However the rest of it was easy. thank you very much. Mine is going to facebook page PreemiesUK.

    1. Ive just finished a new post that has step by step instructions and photos for the base which should help a bit :)

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  5. if we make these do have somewhere we can send them to

    1. Selena, that would depend entirely on what country you are in. I know of places in the UK and Aus that accept them, and Im sure I could find some in America as well. Other then that you can always call your local hospital maternity ward and ask if they would like some.

    2. I can not wait to make these for our local hospital. I too have a Little Angel Grandson who would have been 3 in August. I wish my daughter would have gotten something like this. We did not know he was on the way so we had nothing prepard for him.
      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern and for doing for the Little Angels.

    3. Yes, we would be interested in these! A very busy baby hospital in the US in Atlanta GA. Our basket supplier stopped making the small ones, these would be perfect. Please contact me.

    4. Susan Weyn if y'all hospital needs any. Contact me on Facebook Janet Marie Sevin,I'll be glad to make and ship y'all some.

  6. Thank you Shell I live in US Indiana I useually do things for those with cancer but my twin grandsons were in a nicu for 2 months and I saw so much it broke my heart so i would love to find things like this to help with but I have to say to first peem hat I crochet I cryed like a baby but I know there must be a need here as there is where you are after reading some of the mothers storys that have lossed and they gave them nothing and other that was so thankful for a wonderful blanket and please know that what you do is the most wonderful thing there will be a huge crown for you the day you stand before our Lord you are a wonderful person and if you have time I would love for you to stop by my page on fb Selena's Works of Love
    with love in our Lord
    Selena's Works of Love (Selena Hibner)

  7. how can i print this out.

    1. You would need to copy and paste it into a word document to print it. I have thought about getting PDF's sorted but have not had the time yet to go through and do them all.

  8. This is so beautiful. I would have loved to have had this for my angel son. I hope to complete several Cradles for my local hospital. Thank you so much for such a loving, compassionate pattern.

  9. Hello from Maree at Chance's Clothes Project in Australia! We urgently need knitters to make as many of these gorgeous Moses Baskets as possible so we can add them to our packs. We donate the packs to hospitals across Australia (NSW, ACT & Outback for now); and they are then donated to grieving families who have lost a miscarried, neo natal or stillborn baby. They can then give their angel baby a dignified burial.
    In most cases here with stillborns and miscarried (depends on gestation period), if you dont have an outfit for them then the baby is incinerated.

    We are a strictly not for profit volunteer group and appreciate all or any donations. Our Facebook page is:


    Cheers from Australia!

  10. Thank you for thinking of such a precious item to make. As I read your blog, I welled up in tears as I just went through the lost of a premature grandson last year. What was offered to us was a plastic container with a lid in a shape that resembled a casket, but was essentially a thin plastic storage box. The family didn't have it easy financially so with broken hearts, we had to except what was affordable. Had I known that there was such a thing as these bassinets, I could have made one and it would've been more befitting than the latter. You will never know how many lives can be touched by this idea. I haven't tried the pattern yet, but I will definitely keep it handy and because of your thoughtfulness, someday will be able to bless others who also may experience such terrible, heartache and loss. Thank you again and God bless.

  11. You are such a blessing! Thank you!

  12. Just made this for the very first time. Being a newbie to crochet, your instructions are so simple and easy to follow. Thank you :)

  13. Shell,

    Beautiful pattern, as always with your designs.

    Do you know who in the UK accepts these?



    1. Hi Samantha,
      I know for sure that Lisa's Stars do. Their Facebook page is here:

      PreemiesUK might also but just double check with them, and their page is here:

      Hope that helps :)

    2. Friends of serenity on Facebook accepts these cribs.

  14. This is so special! God bless you!

  15. Thank you , I looked for something a few years ago and there was nothing ! It is great to see more and more things and this is just an extra step . I make gowns etc for other people because I never had anything like that . It's always nice to see more things I can make to make my boxes better every time I hand them in . Hoping any mother will have a little something to dress / cradle their baby in . I wasn't asked or given a choice my baby was 22 weeks and I wrapped him in a muslin burp cloth to take him into the hospital , where they took him away ( like taking a budgie from a child) they unfolded his little shawl shaped swaddling I'd wrapped him in and said " oh right have you passed the placenta?" (As she folded him back up like I had brought the budgie in from the garden) I was taken into theatre and they made sure everything was gone and I never seen my baby again , I always felt guilty . I felt I'd let him down not insisting I see him or ask what they had done? For all I know she turned round and dropped him in the clinical waste bin ? Anyway it's left a huge scar and because of this I have ever since taken boxes down every time I have a little pile . It might only do one or two people who fo ask or maybe the fact they are their the nurses can give the mothers the choice? It was only 2006 not 20 years ago! So I just wanted to thank you for this pattern as I shall make a few of these this time too . Thank you so much for your time and effort . It's very much appreciated 💜💐

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  17. Beautiful creations, thank you for sharing, :) x

  18. Amazing work.I'll surely try this..Thanks for posting such nice blog.

  19. Hello from NJ USA. I came across your site through searching for baby shower souvenirs and I was amazed how lovely are your patterns. I made today 5/16/2016 the Ken pants in a smaller souvenir version. There was no where to upload it. I am a first time grandma of an Anencephaly Angel girl and I had made her a Angel gown with the hat, booties and diaper cover. The family and I was there at the hospital with my son and daughter in law waiting for the arrival of my granddaughter as she came into the world the doctors did all they can to keep her alive but her lungs wasn't strong. She lived for an hour as we all got to hold and kiss her hello and goodbye. I would had loved to had made her one of these lovely bassinet. It was very hard on us all. I am going to try and make one for my daughter in law blessed with a rainbow baby after the lost of our Angel girlfor her baby shower. Thank you so much for your patterns. I will give credit to your link once I post the patterns I did. God bless you!

  20. Have you made this in a larger size yet, say maybe one for a basic baby doll from Walmart? I do know how to adjust but I was just curious since this is a fairly old post.

  21. I was wondering if you made a larger size yet. I think it is sooo precious. Thank you so much for the pattern.. you are an amgel!

  22. Your heart is as big as the moon!! May God bless you for all you do, and thank you for sharing. I'm going to try making one, and if it looks half as good as yours, I'll post a picture.

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  25. How big r these? I mean how big of a preemie baby