Monday, May 14, 2012

Dainty Earflap Hat Pattern

The inspiration for today's free pattern comes from a blog post by a lovely person whom I do not know and cannot find again! Thats right, I was a dolt and forgot to bookmark the page!!

I was browsing about the other day doing some google searches on angel hats and whatnot, seeking what places accepted donations and stuff and I stumbled upon a blog post from someone that photographed angel babies. They were sharing some little hats they had crocheted and I was surprised to see one of them made from a pattern Id donated to LAMB last year. I know people use them but its always a little exciting to see people post about them. Anyhow this person was saying that they had a need for hats with earflaps and ties because they find themselves photographing babies with Anencephaly and needed to be able to tie the hats under the chins to keep them on. I was inspired by this blog post to create some designs that would be able to be tied and stay on these fragile heads. I just wish I could remember where I found it so I could share the pattern, but they must be Ravelry users (Thats where the LAMB pattern is) so I hope they see this, and if your the person I'm talking about, a massive huge hug from me to you for your wonderful service to families <3

So onto today's pattern. This hat is designed to fit around 18-20 weeks gestation but is easily changed by upping your yarn and hook size. Ill come back and edit once Ive tried with other yarns to let you know what sizes they make. Ive done mine in pink but they would look equally good in boy or neutral colours.

For this pattern I used a 4ply sports weight yarn in pink and a 5ply sports weight yarn in purple.
3.5mm hook for the hat and a 2.5mm for the flower
needle for sewing in ends and attaching flower.
As always, worked in AMERICAN terms
All joins are sl st to the top of chain3
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
tc = triple crochet ( youtube video HERE )

Dainty Earflap Hat

1. ch3, 8dc in the 1st chain, sl st to join.
2. ch3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), dc in the same space, 2dc in each stitch around, join (16)
3. ch3, dc in the same stitch, *1 dc, 2 dc in the next stitch* Repeat from * to * around, join. (24)
4. ch3, dc in each stitch around, join.
5. Repeat round 4.
6. slip stitch in the next 4 stitches, ch1, in the next stitch (hdc, dc, 2tc) This creates the first side of the earflap, in the next stitch (2tc, dc, hdc) slip stitch in the next 12 stitches, ch1,  in the next stitch (hdc, dc, 2tc) in the next stitch (2tc, dc, hdc) slip stitch in the last 4 stitches and slip stitch to join. Finish off and weave in ends.

Adding an edge colour.

Join your yarn at the centre back and ch1, then sc in every stitch around, including the earflap stitches, join and finish off.

Adding Ties

cut 3 pieces of yarn approx. 30cm in length (12inches) fold in half and feed the loop end through the earflap (between the middle triple stitches) pull the long end of the yarn through the loop and pull to secure. Braid the tie and knot the end. Repeat for the other side.

Flower (2.5mm hook)

ch3, 9dc into the first chain and sl st to join.
ch5, sc in the same stitch, (ch5, sc) in each stitch around, sl st to join. You should have 9 petals. Finish off leaving a long tail to sew to side of hat.

Hope you enjoy this pattern and don't forget to check out the crafting and caring raffle (Image on the top left  side of the blog) and let me know if you have any issues <3

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  1. This is such a sweet little pattern, what a great idea to use a shell for the ear-flap.

    Thankyou for posting.