Saturday, March 28, 2015

Frog in the Pond Busy Bag - Free Printables

Good morning lovelies

This week I was introduced to the concept of busy bags (and quiet books and file folder games, but that's for another day) and I have to say, WOW! Where were these little packages of fun when my girls were toddlers?

Originally I was looking for some ideas for easy to make games to include in Angels for the forgotten's crisis bags. The more I looked, the more I fell in love with these little fun educational goodies and figured I'd try my hand at designing one. A bunch of my mummy friends really loved it and asked if I could make more so I thought well, why not! So hopefully these busy bag ideas and printables will become a regular feature here on the mamma blog. I hope you and your little ones enjoy them as much as the little ones in my life do.

My first busy bag idea was for colour matching. Frogs in the pond gives your little one the opportunity to match the colourful frogs to the right pond. This activity is good for colour recognition, hand/eye co-ordination and even math skills (you can count the frogs all together, or ask, how many frogs are there if we add the blue ones and the red ones?) I've laminated my printouts to make them last.

Anyway, enough chatter from me, here is the link to the pdf files. Please let me know what you think and if your little people enjoyed this game.

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