Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barbie Month 1 - Basic Skirt

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post for Barbie month!

Incase you missed my previous post, all this month Ill be sharing patterns I have designed based on drawings from Miss L.

Some will use the rubber band method (If you have used some of my barbie patterns before, you would be familiar with this) and some do not. There will be a lot of great items to make for Barbie, and any little one (or big one too!) will have a blast playing with them. I hope you enjoy these patterns. Don't forget, they will all be on my RAVELRY page too, so feel free to share photos there. I love seeing what you guys make!

Wardrobe Item No.1 - Basic Skirt

A staple for any Barbie wardrobe is the basic skirt. Super simple to make and can be done in under 30 minutes. This skirt uses the rubber band waist method, where you crochet the first round AROUND the rubber band.

You will need:
1 rubber band that fits snug around your dolls waist.
4ply (fingering weight) yarn in main colour, and a small amount of the same in a contrasting colour.
3.75mm hook

1. Join the yarn to the rubber band with a sl st. sc around the rubber band 24 times, join.
2-10. sc in each stitch around, join
End of main colour and join contrasting colour with a sl st.
11. sc in each stitch around. Finish off and weave in all ends.

Skirt is complete. Of course it is very easy to alter the length of the skirt to your own choosing. This pattern is a great starting point for making your own Barbie wardrobe.


  1. I fell in love with your Barbie peasant top. Made it and knew I had to make this skirt. I decided on the last row not to change colors...I added bobbles instead to match the peasant top. Thanks for sharing your awesome patterns. I hope this outfit doesn't give my Barbie the Big head.