Friday, October 14, 2016

Upcycling Jars into Halloween Props

Good morning all!

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page asking if everyone would like to see the other crafty endeavours I get up to, and happily, the answer what an astounding and overwhelming YES!

So today I want to share some pieces I've been working on this week.

Halloween is coming, YAY! Here in Australia it is slowly gaining momentum. Last year we took the kids trick or treating and they had OODLES of fun. This year, I gave them the choice. We could go out again, or we could stay in, decorate and scare the pants off of everyone else.

Of course, the girls LOVED the idea of dressing up and decorating, so this year, we're staying in!

My girls are HUGE Five Nights At Freddys fans (horror game series) and originally we wanted to theme our area with that, but with so much else going on, I simply didn't have the hours or supplies to make what we wanted.

So instead we're opting for "Anything Creepy" I jumped on Pinterest to check out cheap and easy prop tutorials. Guys, there are thousands. Seriously. I think I got lost for a few hours in Pinterest. It's insane! I've pinned a bunch to work through for the next few weeks, so we'll see how they go!

Today Im sharing with you our spooky jars. These are upcycled, which is also right up my alley, and super cheap to make, another winner! In fact, I had everything I needed already! YAY for cheap crafts!

I used tutorials by Magia Mia and Fynes Designs for the jars. Of course, I didn't follow exact. I never do!

The eyeballs in a jar was super easy. Ridiculously easy! I used an old mayonnaise jar for this one. Then it was simply a case of printing out some eyeballs from Google, cutting them out and Modge Podging them to the back of the jar, with the coloured side down (so you can see it "inside" the jar). The lid was just some old twine I had laying about and a hot glue gun to attach. Fill it with water and your done! Not counting the drying time (because I let it sit overnight to fully dry) this jar took me less than 10 minutes to complete. Told you it was easy peasy!

The solid jars took a little longer, because I had to wait for drying time. But aside from that they were again very simple. The hardest part was picking my "ingredients" We opted for Bats Blood, Eye of Newt, Poison and everyone's favourite, Troll Snot! To be honest, the troll snot is my fav one ;)

For these I started off by using my glue gun to write the words and draw the images onto the bottles. I did one layer, then let dry and did a second. I wanted the words very raised. For the poison bottle I added some drips with the hot glue, and likewise with the troll snot, some glue bubbling out the side. Don't worry about the stringy bits of glue that go everywhere, it adds to the charm!

From there I gave all 4 a coat of black chalkboard paint, but I wasn't impressed with the coverage so once dry I did a second coat. Then when that dried I mixed some silver paint with an orangy/rust colour and sponged it over the entire area. Then with a fine brush I went back in to do the coloured details.

That's it! Super easy and very effective. My poison and bats blood bottles were originally wild turkey bottles, the troll snot was a jam jar and the eye of newt? That one was an empty spice jar! I was super lazy and didn't peel off the labels either, just gave them a wash and went with it.

So there you go, the start to what Im sure will be our ever growing Halloween prop collection!

Friday, September 30, 2016

30. The Kaila Bonnet

Hello hello beautiful people and hello day 30!

Well guys, here it is! The last pattern for this years hat drive! It's been an incredible month and an incredible effort. I honestly didn't think I'd make it in time, but here it is!

I'd like to say thanks to my testers, who picked up on my mistakes, and an even bigger thankyou to my family and friends, who stuck by me and encouraged me to keep pushing through, even though I'd hit an anxiety wall and didn't think I could.

The Kaila bonnet is a sweet thread bonnet with a variety of stitches. It's so very sweet and while it looks a bit intimidating, even beginners should be ok to tackle this one. It is, absolutely, one of my favourites from this years releases and I plan on making a lot more of them in the next 15 days!

Don't forget that we post all of our hats on the 15th of October, which is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Feel free to take a photo or a video of yourself posting your hats, tag it #ibghd2016 and share it on my Facebook page, I'd love to see and hear about your hats and your tally!

You can post your hats to
Chance's Clothes Project
c/- Cowra Neighbourhood Centre
15 Vaux St
Cowra NSW 2794

The Kaila Bonnet

Sized To Fit:
24 Weeks Gestation

You Will Need:
2.5mm hook
Crochet Cotton Thread. I used Sullivans natural soft.
2 stitch markers

All stitches are in American terms.

Starting chain counts as a stitch from round 2 onward.

1: Into a magic ring, ch1, sc 12 times, join to the first sc. - 12 1cm/0.3”

2: Ch3, dc in the same stitch, ch3, skip the next stitch *2dc in the next stitch, ch3, skip the next stitch*, repeat around, join to the ch3. 12dc and 6 ch3 spaces 4cm/1.5”

3: Ch3, dc in the same stitch, 2dc in the next stitch, ch3, *skip the next ch3, 2dc in each of the next 2 stitches, ch3*, repeat around, join to the ch3. 24dc 6cm/2.3”

4: NOTE: stitches this round are worked BETWEEN dc's from the previous round (called spaces), not into them. slst into the space between the first 2 dc of the last round, ch3, dc in the same space, 2dc in the next space, 2dc in the next space, ch3, skip the ch3 space, *2dc in each of the next 3 spaces, ch3, skip the next ch3*, repeat around, join to the ch3. - 36dc 8cm/3.1”

5: Ch2, hdc in the same stitch, hdc in the next 5 stitches, 3hdc in the ch3 space, *2hdc in the next stitch, hdc in the next 5 stitches, 3hdc in the ch3 space*, repeat around, join to the ch2. - 60hdc 9cm/3.5”

6: Ch6 (counts as first dc and ch3), dc into the same stitch, skip 3 stitches, *(dc, ch3, dc) into the next stitch, skip 3 stitches*, repeat across, leaving the last 3 stitches unworked, do not join. 30dc

7: Ch3, turn, *4dc in the next ch3 space, ch1*, repeat across, dc in the last stitch (ch3 from previous row. -62

8: Ch4 (counts as first dc and ch1), turn, dc in the next stitch, *(dc, ch3, dc) in the next ch1 space and in each remaining ch1 space across, skip the last 3 dc, dc into the next stitch, ch1, dc into the last stitch (ch3 from previous row). - 32dc

9: Ch3, turn, 2dc into the next ch1 space, *4dc in the next ch3 space*, repeat across, 2dc in the last ch2 space, dc in the last stitch (ch3 from previous row) - 62

10: Ch1, turn, skip the next stitch, sc in the next 58 stitches, skip the next stitch, sc in the last stitch. - 60

11: Ch3 (counts as hdc and ch1), turn, skip the next stitch, *hdc in the next stitch, ch1, skip the next stitch*, repeat across, skip the second last stitch, hdc into the last stitch. -30

12: Ch1 (place 1st marker), turn, 3dc into the first ch1 space, slst into the next ch1 space, *3dc in the next ch1 space, slst in the next ch1 space*, repeat across, into the last ch1 space do 3dc and a sl st (place 2nd marker), then, evenly sc around the neckline until you get to the first stitch marker and slst into that ch1. Ch45, to create first tie, then end off.

Rejoin yarn to the slst with the 2nd stitch marker and ch45 to create the second tie. End off, weave in all tails.

Finished Measurements: 10cm/3.9” from crown to brim and 13cm/5.1” in height across the brim.