Sunday, October 26, 2014

Product Review - 6 Flowers Icing Images

Good morning lovlies!

Today I have something just a little bit different for you all. My very first non crochet product review! I was lucky enough to receive a trial sheet of cupcake toppers from the amazing gals over at 6 Flowers Icing Images to have a play with.

So let's start with the facts. The icing sheets from 6 Flowers are gluten free, egg free, dairy free AND vegan friendly. That's a whole bunch of safe right there, straight up making them great for parties.

The sheets themselves, providing they are stored in a ziplock/airtight dark environment will last for a whole year. That makes planning ahead a whole heap easier! Big win there that's for sure!

I started off with some basic vanilla cupcakes. I actually used a new recipe for them that I hadn't previously tried, and while they didn't rise quite as much as other batters, still tasted great.

We then topped them off with a basic butter icing with a soft pink tint to it.

Then comes the toppers! Right up these were super easy to remove from the sheets, they came right out without fuss, no ripping or effort needed. I was pretty impressed with that. Even the kids got in on the action and helped put them on the cupcakes.

The colour of the images is fantastic, like really fantastic. They are bright and vibrant, even after sitting in the fridge. No running or bubbling either which is great.

I guess the big thing here is the taste! I am happy to say they also taste great. None of that paperish taste that the edible images you get with premix box cakes has. All 3 kids really enjoyed them, and I'd call that a huge winner right there.

 All in all I am absolutely thrilled with these, and I can't wait to place an order for Christmas ones. If you are in Tas (Or Aus, as they will have posting abilities soon enough) then I can't recommend these enough. Especially if you are wanting a quick and easy way to make a fantastic looking cake for a party and have zero decorating skills. It could not be easier and at only $10 for a sheet of 15, a great price as well. They also do full sized round cake toppers and will be adding A3 ability to their range soon and can even print out your very own photos. Yummo! Pop on over and check them out on Facebook at 6 Flowers Icing Images

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lincoln Beanie - Free crochet pattern

Good morning beautiful people.

I hope the start to your day has been gentle. Today I have a sweet little hat pattern for you that takes all of 10 minutes to whip up. It will fit 14-16 weeks gestation and used only a very tiny amount of yarn. Perfect for the scraps of special colours left over from bigger projects. It is only 6 rounds in total, so a very easy take along project. When you make the colour changes, I find it easier to drop the main colour and pick up the contrasting, rather than cutting the main and having to rejoin it.

You will need:
3.5mm hook
DK/8ply/light worsted weight 3 yarn in a main and contrasting colour

1: ch3, dc in the first chain 8 times, join
2: ch3, dc twice in each stitch around, join.
3: ch3, dc in each stitch around, join.
4: change to contrasting colour, ch1, sc in each stitch around, join.
5: change to main colour, ch3, dc in each stitch around, join.
6: change to contrasting colour, ch1, sc in each stitch around, join.

End off all colours and weave in tails.