Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alpine Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello again lovlies. Today I have another little hat for you to make and donate. This one is called the Alpine hat, simply because the yarn I used is called Alpine Spritz by Moda Vera (Company that supply spotlight Aus/NZ with yarns) Its a 60.40 cotton/acrylic mix, Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi), in a lovely mottled pink and white colour. I also have the same in green and white which Ill test out later. (there is also purple, light pink and blue available. There may be more colours however my spotlight did not have more then what Ive listed)

This is a lovely yarn to use and it works up easily and softly so I really do recommend trying some! Now this pattern has a few turns in it so the earflaps are made on the hat rather then joining your yarn so take note of the instructions :

Alpine Hat - Sized to fit 20 weeks gestation.

Ok so onto the pattern!
You will need a 3.00mm hook, some sports weight yarn and 2 small buttons. Mine are about 8mm buttons.

1. Ch3, dc 10 times into the 1st chain, join.
2. Ch3, dc in the same stitch, 2dc in each st around, join.
3. Ch3, dc in the same stitch, *dc in the next, 2dc in the next st* Repeat from * to * around, join.
4. Ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join.
5 - 6 Repeat round 4.

7. EARFLAP ROW: ch1, sc in the next 4 stitches, ch1, dc in the next 3 stitches, ch3, TURN, dc3 times, ch1, TURN, sc all 3 stitches together. (Just like a sc decrease, just add in the 3rd stitch), ch1, slip stitch down the side of the earflap until you reach the next unworked stitch from round 6, sc in the next 14 stitches, ch1, dc in the next 3 stitches, ch3, TURN, dc 3 times, ch1, TURN, sc all 3 stitches together, ch1, sl st down the side of the earflap until you reach the next unworked stitch and continue to sc until you complete the round, join.

Finish off/weave in ends.

Front flap panel. (front is the side without the joins)

Join your yarn 3 stitches to the left of the earflap (right side earflap) ch3 and work 9 dc's in the front loops only.
ch2, turn, hdc across (9)
ch1, turn, sc2together twice, sc, sc2together twice more, end off  leaving a tail for sewing.

Fold the front flap up and secure in place with the tail of the yarn. Sew 1 button onto each corner of the front flap. Cut 6 20cm pieces of yarn, and using 3 strands for each side make your ties.

Hat is now done :) Good job peeps <3

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chocolate Coke Microwave Cake

Beware, scary "flash on auto" photographs are in this blog, EEP!

So, sitting in class the other day, someone mentioned that they saw a post from a friend of a friend on Facebook about a cake made with only one cake mix, and one can of coke. Now I'm always a little interested by the whole microwave cooking thing. Last year I roasted a chicken in the microwave just to "see if it works" and hot dang it did! So of course I HAD to test out this cake idea!

I bought 1 can of coke which is 375ml here in Aus, and one chocolate cake mix, a Greens one. Nothing special about it, just an ordinary cake mix.

Added the cake mix and the coke to a bowl and gently gave it a stir to make sure it was well combined. Poured the entire mix into a round silicone cake pan (omg silicone bake ware is AMAZING) and put it in the microwave for 8 minutes on high.


I know in the images it looks dark. It was about 9 at night, in a poorly lit kitchen and Im sure the coke made it darker too but it wasn't burnt at all. In fact, it would have to be one of the most moist cakes I have ever eaten!
I didn't bother to ice it, oh no, I sliced and served it hot with a hunk of ice cream. The kiddos took the rest to school today in their lunches and they enjoyed it as well. So there we have it. Awesome cake from nothing more then a cake mix and a can of coke! I have to say this will be amazing when summer rolls around again and I'm after a cake fix but don't want to have the added heat from the oven. Ahh who am I kidding, this is perfect for all the time! YAY CAKE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick n Easy Bitty Bits - Free Pattern

Hey hey again. Today I have a little set for you to crochet for angel charities. It is designed to fit 22/24/26 week gestational angels. This set is super fast and depending on your crochet skills, can be completed in a half hour. You will need DK weight yarn and any type of fun fibre/fur/fluffy yarn, or you could just use another solid colour.

The hat has a folded brim, and the booties can be worn as boots or folded down for booties. Either way this set is cute and a great stash buster while doing something awesome for someone else.

Quick n Easy Bitty Bits

dk weight yarn
fun fibre
4.00mm hook
needle for weaving in ends.


1. ch2, hdc into the 1st chain 10 times, join

2. ch3, dc in the same st and 2dc in each st around.

3. ch3, *2dc in the next stitch, 1dc in the next stitch* Repeat around, join.

4-8. ch3, dc in each st around, join.

End off solid yarn, join fun fibres.

ch1, sc around. End off and weave in ends.

Fold the base of the hat up

BOOTIES make 2

1. ch12. hdc twice in the 2nd chain from hook and in the next 9 chains. 3hdc in the last chain.

Working on the opposite side, hdc in the next 9 stitches, 1hdc in the same place as the starting hdc. Join.

2. ch2, hdc in every stitch around (23)

3. ch2, hdc in the next 5, hdc2tg 7 times, hdc in the last 4.

4. ch2, hdc in the next 4, hdc2tg 4 times, hdc in the last 4.

5 - 8. ch2, hdc in each st around, join.

End off solid yarn and join fun fibre.

ch1, sc around, join.

Finish off and weave in ends. Booties can be left up of folded down.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carrot Dress - Free Barbie Pattern

Well, I guess you can see this dress is inspired by the humble carrot. Actually the inspiration came from the fact that the orange and green were sitting beside each other on the shelf lol! Either way, we now have a super cool carrot dress! Like the rest of my gowns this one is also started by crocheting around a rubber band. The ones I use are 2-ish inches, but just check and make sure that the one you have slides up Barbie and fits snugly over her bust. This would look cute in many colour combinations Im sure.

In American terms.

You will need
DK weight yarn in 2 colours. I use carrot orange and bright green.
3.5mm hook
1 rubber band that fits your doll.

scInc - 2sc in the same stitch

the entire dress is worked in continual rounds, place a stitch marker at the start of each round to keep your place.

1. Join your yarn around the rubber band with a slst. 24 sc around the rubber band.
2. sc in each stitch around (24)
3. Repeat 2. (24)
4. *3 sc, sc2tg* Repeat 3 more times, 4sc in the last. (20)
5. *3 sc, sc2tg* Repeat till end. (16)
6. sc in each st around (16)
7 - 8 Repeat 6
9. *3 sc, 2sc in the next* Repeat around, sc in the last 2.
10. Repeat 9, sc in the last.
11. sc in each st around
12. * sc 2, scInc in the next st* Repeat around
13 - 17 sc in each st around.
sl st to next and end off orange.

Join Green.
1. ch1,* sc, sc, extended sc* Join.

 To make an extended sc, instead of inserting your hook into the next sc st, insert it into the sc directly below the next sc stitch. Complete sc as normal. This gives the stitch a tall point.

2. ch2, hdc in each st around.
3. *sc, ch7, sk1* Repeat around. This creates the fringe. Sl st to first sk to join and finish off. Weave in ends.

Monday, June 4, 2012

114 Rubber Bands

I purchased a bulk pack of rubber bands today so I could make/design some more Barbie outfits. By the time I sorted out all the sizes I was left with 114 that are the right size to fit over Miss Barbie's ample bust.

Now for me, I just usually make up Barbie clothing as I go, no pattern required, and the bodice for them all starts the same anyway, but I was wondering if for these bands, I should write down each outfit and share the instructions, even if it is only a variation. I know a lot of people who need patterns to work from, and I know I used to as well. The question is, would that just be overkill or would you guys really like to see a whole heap more Barbie outfit patterns?

I know a lot of you do not usually comment but Id appreciate a quicky "Yes please, more Barbie stuffs Shell!" So I know its worth it actually drafting and writing and such.

Hrm, 114 bands... Oh the outfits I can make with these!

On a non crochet related note, Digital Scrapbooking. I have made a comeback and will have some items posted this week YAY