1. Hi, I love your patterns! Will you be doing any newborn size baby patterns and more Barbie patterns? Thanks.

    1. Hey there :)
      I sure will be adding some newborn sized patterns and a LOT of Barbie ones also. Im not entirely sure when, as my pc has fried, so once I can afford a new one Ill be able to add them on here. Non preemie patterns are generally released on Mondays, so just keep an eye out, I'm sure Ill be back on track with a computer soon.

  2. Thanks, I would love to help you out with funds, however, my car died about 3 weeks ago and I'm trying to save for a "new" used one. Times are tough with raising families and not having anything extra put away. Thanks again.

  3. I came across your site when I was searching for Micro Preemie clothing and blankets. I have been able to make several burial and keepsake clothes for the local funeral home, and an out of state support group for people who have pregnancy loss greater than 8 weeks. So THANK YOU!!!! Words will never be enough for offering these patterns for free, and the happiness you have helped provide to families during such a trying time. Kim