Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hooded Cape and Capelet for Barbie - Free Pattern

Hello again lovlies!

Ahh, bet you didn't think Id be back this soon with another pattern! Made one of these snap decisions last night that I really wanted to make a new wardrobe of Barbie clothes for the girls for Christmas, which means I need to come up with a lot of new fun ideas! This is great news for you guys, because it means... dun dun duuuuuuun MORE PATTERNS!

Today's pattern is for a hooded cape or capelet depending on the length you want. So super cute and a great way to use up some of them fun fibres!

For the red cape I used a chenille yarn with glittery flecks through it, for the blue I used white funfur. There are so many fun yarns on the market these days that you could make a heap of capes and they would all look different! So, lets get crocheting!

DK weight (8ply) yarn in your main colour
Small amount of fun fibre in a contrasting colour (or you could use a plain yarn)
3.00mm hook
A small button for closing (or you can use ties, instructions for both at the end)

Starting with the hood:

dk weight yarn and a 3mm hook

R1: Chain 28, dc in the 3rd chain from hook and each across (26)
R2-5: ch3, turn, dc in each stitch across (26)

NOTE: If your Barbie has a LOT of hair that you need to fit into the cape, I recommend starting with 34 chains instead of 28 for a little extra space.

End off leaving a long tail. Fold the piece in half longwise and sew up one side (see picture below) Weave in ends.

Join yarn to the bottom corner of the hood, We're going to work along the bottom of the hood, so the stitches will go in the end of the rows rather then in actual stitches.

R6: ch1, dc in the same space, dc in each of the next 9 end of row spaces (see image for more details) (10dc)

R7: ch3, turn, dc in each st across (10)

R8: ch3, turn, 2dc in each st across (20)

R9: ch3, turn, *2dc, dc* repeat across (30)

R10-17 ch3, turn, dc in each stitch across (30) (do only 3-4 rows for capelet)

End off main colour and weave in ends.

Join contrasting colour with a sl st to any corner and hdc around the entire cape.


You can do this a few ways. I add 2 options to my cape. 1. sew a small button on the inside of the cape, so you can push the button through a stitch on the opposite side to hold it closed. 2. chain 50. Use the chain as a cord and weave it in and out around the base of the hood, tie in a bow.

Thats it peeps, I told you it was easy.


  1. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful patterns! I have made a lot of them. Did you design the knitted dress in the pictures? I would love to make one.

    - The Cogaroo -

  2. thank you so much for your beautiful patterns. haven't tried any yet, but anxious to start

  3. Great pattern I had a horrible thought it was knitted so was delighted to see it’s crochet perfect for Xmas - thank you.