Monday, February 3, 2014

2 Layer Flower

Hello all,

A simple little pattern today, and one that is excellent for the last few meters of yarn! A 2 layered flower!
This flower works great for most yarns, thickness's and hook sizes. I like to make them in fun colours to add to solid hats.

The small flower was made with lace weight mohair and a 2mm hook.
The middle blue glower was made with standard DK weight yarn and a 4.5mm hook
The chunky flower on the end was made with a 4.5mm hook still, but using a fluffy yarn that I would class as close to aran weight.

So, I wont be listing any supplies, just the basic instructions. If you want to make the flower have more layers, just repeat the chain behind the petal process, increasing by one chain each time, and add more triple crochets to the centre of each petal.

1: ch2, hdc 5 times in the 2nd chain from hook, join

2: ch1, (hdc, dc, hdc, ch1, sl) in same stitch, in each of the remaining  4 stitches do (sl, ch1, hdc, dc, hdc, ch1, sl)

3: ch4, sl st behind the flower and around the post between the previous rows petals (see images)
repeat around so you have 5 ch4 spaces

 4: Into each ch4 space around do (sl st, ch1, hgdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, ch1, sl) End off and leave a long tail so you can attach the flower wherever you desire.


  1. Very pretty :-) Thanks for the pattern.

  2. If i make something out of one of your patterns to sell should I put your website as where I got the pattern from?
    I really like the iris earrings.
    Jessie Cumpson

    1. Yes please Jessie,
      Unless of course its a preemie item. I really discourage selling burial clothing, I think it's wrong to profit from heartache. Anything else is totally ok to make and sell.