Friday, August 8, 2014

Apple Slice - Crochet Playfood

Good morning lovelies! Today's pattern is for a slice of apple! Yum yum! Another in the play food series.
This apple wedge is simple to make, and is a change from the standard whole apples. Quick and easy too, which you all know I love!

Apple Wedge
dk/light worsted weight yarn in cream, black and green (or whatever colour you want your peel)
3.5mm hook

1: ch2, in the first ch sc 8 times, place marker
2: 2sc in each stitch around (16)
3: *sc in the first stitch, 2sc in the next* repeat around (24)
4: *sc in the first 2 stitchs, 2sc in the next* repeat around (32)
sl st once then end cream.
5: Join green and ch1, sc around entire piece, join. (32)
End green and weave in all ends.

Fold the circle in half so you know where the middle will be and stitch on pips.

With green
1: ch2, 2sc in the 1st st, ch1, turn (2)
2: 2sc in each stitch, ch1, turn (4)
3-13: sc in each stitch across, ch1, turn
14: sc2tg twice (2)
15: ch1, turn, sc2tg (1)
End off leaving long tail.

Sew the skin onto the apple wedge, stuffing as you go.

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