Monday, December 1, 2014

No Yeast Pizza Dough - Recipe Review

Good afternoon all!

Well today is a bit of a different post for me, but one I hope to make a regular on here.

See, I like to bake. I like to cook. I like filling my freezer with both! Im not terribly fantastic at it, but I am a regular mamma with a large family that need to eat. So I thought I'd share my kitchen adventures. The good, the bad, and the often ugly, because hey, not everyone can pipe out perfect icing!

Today I noticed I had a large lot of capsicum (red peppers) and onion. What to do, what to do! Mini pizza's, absolutely. Now I am all for quick and easy so I wanted to find a dough that didn't involve me having to rub in butter and that didn't mean waiting an hour for yeast to do its thing. A bit of searching online and I found THIS no yeast pizza dough recipe over on Sounded like a winner to me so off I went!

First up, this dough, it is OH so easy. Like seriously easy. You just throw all the ingredients at the bowl and mix it up. Simples! Now because I had a LOT of ingredients in the fridge to use up I ended up making 2 double batches of dough. Once made I pulled the dough into blobs that were roughly golf ball sized and then rolled them out to palm sized. I wasn't overly fussed about them being round, we're more for taste then presentation in this mamma house! The dough was enough to make 52 mini pizza's in total. Some of which Hubby and I ate quality controlled at a time that just happened to be around lunch.

I was very impressed with the dough. It cooked wonderfully, browned ever so slightly and tasted fantastic! A big win in my book, and something I will be adding to the make again list for sure! Once topped, the pizza's were baked in a 180c oven for 10 minutes each. Interested to know what I used for toppings? Well, here is a list!

Leftover chicken breast
Cheese (all the leftover "bits" from cheddar to smoked, it got grated and chucked on!)
Tomato pizza paste
BBQ pizza paste

The result? YUM. Super YUM!

I do think next time I make some I might shake it up a little by mixing some cheese and herbs into the dough itself to see how that goes, and as for toppings again it will likely be whatever is in the fridge that needs using. I don't have hopes of these lasting that long, the girls love adding them to their school lunches!

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