Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stashbuster Slippers - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello all!

Miss L (Who is now almost 13, my where has that gone??) recently wore a hole in the bottom of her slippers and requested a new pair. It's been snowing on the mountains here lately so slippers are a must have to keep little toes warm. Miss L asked for some that would "cover most of my foot and look like my flats" Hrm, Ok kiddo, one pair of slippers coming up!

These are great stashbusters, not only do they use 2 strands at once (and the more random the colour paring the better!) but they don't use a great deal of yarn, so you can use up them leftover part balls. You should be able to whip these up in an hour or so making them a great last minute gift as well.
I had a strong urge to put a big fluffy pompom on the toes but it was met with looks of unimpressed-ness from the preteen. Ok ok, no pompoms. But I bet they would look really fun with them too!

If you need to make them smaller or larger, adjust the starting chains and then add/subtract from the stitches at the sides (leave the decreases the same)

Woman's size 5aus (my daughters foot is 23cm long, and it's designed to fit her foot snugly.)

8mm hook
2 balls of DK weight yarn. (I used one ball of white acrylic and one ball of rainbow variegated acrylic)

Scrapbuster Slippers

Holding both strands together;

1: ch22, dc into the 3rd chain from hook. dc in the next 18 chains, dc 6 times in the end chain, working down the opposite side (into the same chains) dc in the next 19 chains, join. (44)

2: ch2, 2dc, dc, 2dc, dc 17, 2dc in each of the next 4 stitches, dc 17, 2dc, dc, 2dc, join. (52)

3: ch1, sc in the back loops only around, join. (52)

4: ch2, dc around, join. (52)

5: ch1, sc 14, sc2tg 12 times, sc 14, join. (40)

6: ch1, sc10, sc2tg 10, sc 10, join. (30)

7: ch1, sc 12, sc2tg, sc 2, sc2tg, sc 12, join. (28)

8: ch1, sc around, join. End off and weave in tails.

Make a second slipper and your done!


  1. I just made these (during strictly come dancing) in purple and grey for my UK7 feet, I did put big purple pompoms on the front and they look fab!! (I am 29 ) I think I know what my friends and family will be getting for Christmas! Thanks! great pattern!
    I measured my feet and they are 25cm so I did 25 starting chain, afraid I didn't work out the side crochets, just counted backwards from the centre of the front :)

    I might do another pair in blue and white to match my fav pjs

  2. very cool I just made a pair for myself and just wanted to say thank you so, so much for the lovely pattern, Very easy to follow and very sensible. I changed colors.Will make a few more as I get frozen feet sometimes no matter how warm or cold it is at night through out the year.

  3. Replies
    1. You chain 2... then in the next stitch you do 2 double crochets, next stitch you do a double crochet, the next stitch 2 double crochets again. Then you double crochet in the next 17 stitches. after each comma you go to the next stitch available...hope this helps you some. I made these and they are adorable :) I did put pom poms on mine :)

  4. Love this simple! Just made a pair for my niece for her birthday. Plan on making more..maybe even a pair for myself lol.

  5. I am desperately trying to make these, they are great. I have to keep ripping them out at row 5. I cant work out the decreases. I am trying to make uk size 7. can anyone help?

    1. I'm sorry I can't help you on the sizing, I have no idea how big a UK 7 is,
      As for round 5, ch1, sc in the first 14 stitches, double crochet 2 together (decrease), then do it 11 more times (12 total) and then sc in the last 14 stitches.

      If you are using more or less stitches then add and subtract them from the sizes where the single crochets are. No matter what size, you'll still want to have 12 dc2tg at the toe, so find the centre 24 stitches on your slipper and use them for the decreases.

      I hope that helps :)

    2. I wish someone could figure out and write pattern for womens us size the look of these.

    3. My daughter's all have much larger feet now so when I have a moment I'll see if I can get more sizes sorted

    4. I am using 7mm hook, 2 strands 8 ply, adding an extra sc row at the end, making 9 rows. Row 8 started sc2tog, sc2tog sc 20 sc2tog, sc2tog, 24 stitches. The decrease helps me to cup the heel more, probably a loose crotcheter. Works for me amd my 41/42 size feet.

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  8. Thank you!!! It took me making a couple pairs of these to get my size right (one a little big, one a little small) but that just means my sisters got a pair too! I'm going to try double yarn on the sole and single on top next. I added pom poms made with the left over yarn. Last pair I used bernat blanket yarn and size L hook and all single crochet. Fits perfectly! Some of those complaining about sizing...just crochet! If they don't fit, frog them out and start over! If you can't get the stitch numbers to work, so what! Eyeball it until they fit. I kept notes so I know what I did for the next time. Thanks again! Your pattern got my creativity rolling!