Monday, June 4, 2012

114 Rubber Bands

I purchased a bulk pack of rubber bands today so I could make/design some more Barbie outfits. By the time I sorted out all the sizes I was left with 114 that are the right size to fit over Miss Barbie's ample bust.

Now for me, I just usually make up Barbie clothing as I go, no pattern required, and the bodice for them all starts the same anyway, but I was wondering if for these bands, I should write down each outfit and share the instructions, even if it is only a variation. I know a lot of people who need patterns to work from, and I know I used to as well. The question is, would that just be overkill or would you guys really like to see a whole heap more Barbie outfit patterns?

I know a lot of you do not usually comment but Id appreciate a quicky "Yes please, more Barbie stuffs Shell!" So I know its worth it actually drafting and writing and such.

Hrm, 114 bands... Oh the outfits I can make with these!

On a non crochet related note, Digital Scrapbooking. I have made a comeback and will have some items posted this week YAY

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