Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carrot Dress - Free Barbie Pattern

Well, I guess you can see this dress is inspired by the humble carrot. Actually the inspiration came from the fact that the orange and green were sitting beside each other on the shelf lol! Either way, we now have a super cool carrot dress! Like the rest of my gowns this one is also started by crocheting around a rubber band. The ones I use are 2-ish inches, but just check and make sure that the one you have slides up Barbie and fits snugly over her bust. This would look cute in many colour combinations Im sure.

In American terms.

You will need
DK weight yarn in 2 colours. I use carrot orange and bright green.
3.5mm hook
1 rubber band that fits your doll.

scInc - 2sc in the same stitch

the entire dress is worked in continual rounds, place a stitch marker at the start of each round to keep your place.

1. Join your yarn around the rubber band with a slst. 24 sc around the rubber band.
2. sc in each stitch around (24)
3. Repeat 2. (24)
4. *3 sc, sc2tg* Repeat 3 more times, 4sc in the last. (20)
5. *3 sc, sc2tg* Repeat till end. (16)
6. sc in each st around (16)
7 - 8 Repeat 6
9. *3 sc, 2sc in the next* Repeat around, sc in the last 2.
10. Repeat 9, sc in the last.
11. sc in each st around
12. * sc 2, scInc in the next st* Repeat around
13 - 17 sc in each st around.
sl st to next and end off orange.

Join Green.
1. ch1,* sc, sc, extended sc* Join.

 To make an extended sc, instead of inserting your hook into the next sc st, insert it into the sc directly below the next sc stitch. Complete sc as normal. This gives the stitch a tall point.

2. ch2, hdc in each st around.
3. *sc, ch7, sk1* Repeat around. This creates the fringe. Sl st to first sk to join and finish off. Weave in ends.


  1. Ooo so.cute O.o is this pattern JUST for personal use? Or can the finished product be sold with credit given to the original pattern maker? I think no matter what I'll add a stripe running through the dress like a belt

    1. So long as credit is given where due, I have no problem with anyone selling their Barbie outfits. Go nuts :D
      Would love to see how this one comes out for you, So far Ive only seen my own and well obviously it works for me lol!

    2. there's the link I can't tell you how to look at the other dress photos cause I don't like picasa and avoid using it. The quality is absolutely terrible because I took the pictures from my phone to upload things the easy way. Oh, I used a bratz doll instead lol, all the barbies have vanished from my house >.<

    3. Aww that looks so cute! Ill have to hunt down some Bratz dolls. Are they much different in size to the Barbies? My girls have the jointed Barbies, brilliant things, they actually stay on the horses and such!

    4. Aww thanks! I just made a hat and purse too!Bratz dolls are not as thin and possibly shorter? You attach the feet and the shoes are painted on with them , I think and this one is missing her feet. The knees are jointed which is good but not the arms. If your thinking about the hat the head is a lot bigger which is great. The elastic bands you have will definently work mine was too big