Monday, July 29, 2013

Rachels Rainbow - Crochet Chain Scarf


Good morning lovlies.

Today's pattern is a very special one, that was designed with one of my dear friends in mind. Everyone needs a bit of rainbow in their day, and being that here in Aus its wet, cold and all wintery, this is the perfect thing to not only give you some colour pop, but add a little neck warm.

Im sure it would look fabulous in other colours also, why not try it!

Chain pieces. All pieces are chained with 2 strands of DK weight yarn held together, and using a 6.5mm hook.

I chained each colour a slightly different length as I found all the same tended to bunch a lot, and when you have a larger chest, bunching = bad mkay!

Also note that I joined my strands after I was done, but you can also join them with a sl st before ending off if you like.

So basically;

Orange chain 100
Red chain 96
Yellow chain 105
Green chain 98
Purple chain 110
Blue chain 107

Set chains aside while we work on the cloud.

First we need a small wrap to keep all the strands together, so with 2 strands of white and a 5mm hook

chain 5
1. hdc into the second chain from hook, and the remaining 3 chains (4hdc)
2. ch1, turn, hdc across
repeat row 2 for 6 more rows. End off and leave a long tail for sewing wrap together.

Line all the joins in your chains up and use the white wrap piece to encase them. Sew the ends together to form a tube around the chains. If you want to, you can also sew a few times right through one side and out the other, catching the chains in the needle so they are less likely to move.

To make the cloud.
with 2 strands of white and a 5mm hook
1. hdc 3 times in the second chain from hook, sl st in the next chain, (hdc, dc, dc, hdc) in the next chain, sl st into the last chain, now working on the opposite side of the chains, sc in all 4 chains.
2. ch1 and turn, (dc, dc, hdc) in the second stitch, sl st, (hdc twice, sl st) in the last. End off leaving a tail to sew to wrap.

Attach the cloud to the wrap. Check to make sure all ends are weaved in and thats it, your done!

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