Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sanitary Wallet

Hello again beautiful people.

I have another sanitary wallet for you today. Still a few more to come, but I think now Ive covered this area pretty successfully. If you have any requests for more, by all means shoot me an email at and Ill do my best!

Today's wallet is super easy back and forth stitches and great for using up off bits of yarn.

You will need
DK (8ply) weight yarn. For the sake of the pattern lets call my red colour A, light blue colour B and dark blue colour C
3mm hook
1 button
Needle for sewing.

Starting with colour A

chain 36

1: hdc in the second chain from hook and each across
2: ch2, turn, hdc across.

change to colour B
3-4: ch2, turn, hdc across

change to colour C
5-6: ch2, turn, hdc across

change to colour B
7-8: ch2, turn, hdc across

change to colour A
9-10: ch2, turn, hdc across

ch2, turn so the next row will be across the ends of the stripes. This neatens the edge and creates a button hole.

hdc evenly across the first 2 stripes, ch1 (or 2 if your button is large) and skip the middle stripe, hdc evenly across the last 2 stripes.

Fold the wallet as shown below and sew up the sides.

Attach button and your done!

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  1. awesome idea!! I hate it when a kid opens my purse and a tampon pops out!! This will perfectly hide those necessary items!! Thanks for sharing!!