Monday, December 16, 2013

Goodbye 2013 - Gearing up for a new year of patterns.

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to put up a little blog post today as a way of saying farewell to 2013.
Wow has it been a huge one, both on and offline.

2013 saw a new chapter for my patterns. To start with, I opened up a new Facebook page More from Mamma That Makes in order to separate out the patterns, tutorials and scrap kits from my for sale items. I *think* I now have the largest collection of preemie and stillborn crochet patterns on the web from a single designers. (as in, all my own, not a compilation of other peoples patterns on one site) and that is just amazing.

I also opened up a store on to sell my items HERE which has enabled me to get a small amount of money to help cover postage to the many charities I support, and to help cover yarn and supplies that I'd need. That's right, all my sales profits get sunk into charity. Pretty neat huh!

My Ravelry Page exploded with favs, qeues and project photos as I added more and more patterns, which is always exciting. I now have 135 patterns listed on Rav, and love seeing every one's project images! The colour combinations are truly amazing.

I submitted 78 FREE crochet patterns patterns right here on this blog. Most of them are preemie patterns, and it makes me so happy when people use them!

I made some amazing crochet friends along the way, and met some amazing people who run baby loss organisations all over the world. It is always wonderful to meet like minded people.

My patterns were featured on some great round ups and blogs for 2013 as well which made me very happy indeed!

Of course this year also had a lot of personal downs as well, including the loss of my little Frankie at 6 weeks. But with the amazing support of all my friends both on and offline, it has made the journey so much easier, and made me all the more determine to do what I do.

So what is the plan now? What is in store for 2014?

More! I well exceeded my plan for a pattern a week for 2014, I want to do that again if I can. More patterns for preems, more for burial. More for Barbie and more Props. More food! More scrapbooking and even some kids crafts. Some reviews too! I have so many ideas, and I can not wait to get started on them!!
As always, I am totally open to pattern requests, just ask!

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and enjoy all the celebrations that happen at this time of the year. Much love to each and every one of you!


  1. Yay! Congrats on a great year of blogging! Personally, I loved Barbie month, more Barbie outfits would be great. But I love seeing everything that you make.

    I'm so sorry about Frankie, you did not deserve the loss, you are such a wonderful person and it's amazing how much you share with charity.

    Have a great holiday! xx

    1. Thanks hun, appreciate it a lot <3

      Always great to hear what people like and want more of. I have so many requests from my girls for new Barbie items so they are on the list. They have been frantically drawing designs on paper for me to make, so we'll see how creative they can get, and if I can turn their images into an actual item!

    2. I can see why your girls would want more Barbie outfits, the rubber band method makes them a lot easier to dress! I don't like all the velcro on the store kind, it wears out so quickly. :)

    3. Oh it does! The best thing is that little kids can dress them as well. Ive had some 4yr olds here that have had no problems dressing the dolls and thats a big deal for them, it saves so much frustration.