Friday, January 3, 2014

Kalia Gown - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello all and welcome. First pattern for 2014, how exciting! Id like to start by saying hi! to all the new peeps popping in and a super warm welcome back to all my regular readers.

Today's pattern is a little burial gown. This one is a little more in depth then some of my previous ones, but once you have the rows down, it is pretty easy. It features a nice lacy stitch and the little sections of contrasting colour break it up nicely.

This pattern was updated on 18/02/2017

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Kalia Gown

You will need
4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm hooks
DK weight (8ply) yarn in main and contrasting colours.

Sized To Fit:
24-26 Weeks Gestation (1.5 - 2 lbs)

Starting chains are counted within the stitch count.

With main colour and a 4mm hook

1: Ch24, dc in the 3rd chain from hook, 2dc in the next stitch, *dc in the next stitch, 2dc in the next stitch*, repeat across. - 34dc

2: Ch3, turn, *dc in the 1st 2 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch*, repeat across, working the last stitch into the turning chain from the previous row (here and throughout). - 45dc

3: Ch3, turn, *dc in the 3 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch* repeat across. - 56dc

Change to contrasting colour

4: Ch3, dc in the next 7 stitches, ch2, skip 12 stitches, dc in the next 15 stitches, ch2, skip 12, dc in the last 9 stitches. - 36 stitches (counting chains)

Change to main colour

5: Ch2, turn. *2hdc in the next stitch, 2sc in the next stitch,  sc in the next 3 stitches, 2sc in the next stitch*, repeat across, skipping the chains from the previous row, 2sc in the last stitch - 48 stitches

6: Ch2, turn, sc in the next stitch, 2sc in the next stitch, *sc in the next 2 stitches, 2sc in the next stitch*, repeat across. - 64sc

7: Ch1, turn, skip 3 stitches, dc 9 times in the next stitch, skip 3 stitches, sc in the next stitch,*skip 3 stitches, dc 9 times in the next stitch, skip 3 stitches, sc in the next stitch*, repeat across for a total of 8 shells.

8: Ch6 (counts as first dc and ch3), turn, *skip the next 4 stitches, dc in the next stitch (middle of the shell), ch3, skip the next 4 stitches and dc into the next stitch, ch3*, repeat across.

9: Ch3, turn, *3dc in the next ch3 space, ch1* repeat across, dc in the 3rd chain of the previous rounds ch6.

10: Ch1, turn, skip the first ch1, *skip the next 3 stitches, 9dc in the next ch1 space, skip the next 3 stitches, sc in the next ch1 space* repeat across, skip the last ch1 space and sc in the last stitch.

11-12: repeat rows 8 and 9

Change to a 4.5mm hook

13: Repeat row 10

14-15: Repeat row 8 and 9 again. End off main colour and weave in all tails.

16: Join contrasting colour and change to a 5mm hook. Repeat round 10 one last time.

Edging sleeves

With contrasting colour and 4mm hook; Join yarn to the same stitch that the 8th stitch on contrasting row 4 is joined too, and dc in the same stitch, ch1, sl st in the next stitch *dc in the next stitch, ch1, sl st in the next stitch* repeat 5 more times for a total of 7 small shells. End off, weave in tails.

Repeat the process on the other sleeve.

Weave in all ends. Can be closed with ties or a button.

For added neatness you can join your main colour yarn to the bottom corner of the back of the gown and evenly sc up the side to the neckline. Repeat for the second side.


  1. This dress is really pretty, I love the stitch pattern in the skirt. I have to add some more organization to my blog as well ~ your schedule seems pretty manageable. :) Happy New Year!

  2. hi, I'm trying to make this dress for a donation. but I don't understand the directions after you change back to the main color. and for some reason my stitches are not ending in 48 on row 5. I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. are you starting the row in the first stitch or are you counting the chain up as the first stitch?

    1. Hi, I had the same problem in the beggining. You just have to skip the arm chains (those 2 chains made for each arm hole in the 4th row) :) Hope you can make it now!

  3. HI again!! I also made this one for my daughter's American Girl Doll, just had to make the waist a bit smaller, but I adore your patterns and I'm sooo happy you share them for FREE, so comment LOVE from me!!! I love your dresses! I altered one to make an AG doll sweater too!!

    1. Im glad you like them Stephanie.
      I know a few people that use the patterns for AG dolls, and it seems to work well which is fantastic :)

  4. on row 4 is the stich 2hdc in same stitch and 2sc in same stitch ect?

  5. Hi on row 5 do you do the 2hdc, the 2sc 3sc and 2sc in same stitches im bot quute sure

    1. Hi Fiona, The stitches are not all in the same stitch. 2hdc in the first stitch, 2sc in the next stitch, 3sc in the next stitch, 2sc in the next stitch. So in all the repeat is completed over 4 stitches from the previous round. Hope that helps :)

  6. Hello there everyone.. Im from the philippines.. I just had finish the dress i made from this pattern. this pattern is very beautiful.. Its for my godchild.. it looks very cute on her.. Thanks for sharing this pattern.. More pattern.. More power to you..

  7. I want you to see my finish product, where can i post it??

    1. Your welcome to share a photo on either Ravelry

      Or on my Facebook page,

  8. Beautiful Pattern! I would have liked to have one when my baby passed away.

  9. How can I increase the pattern for a larger size? This dress is so lovely

  10. Burial gown? "Today's pattern is a little burial gown." For death!

    1. Yes for death. Unfortunately sometimes babies for whatever reason don't make it. You may be unfamiliar with the blog here but the main focus is free crochet patterns designed for preterm babies, often that means ones who have died. We do this so they have something beautiful to wear for burial.