Monday, January 13, 2014

Citrus Tic-Tac-Toe - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello hello lovlies!

My kiddoes, they LOVE playing tic tac toe (or noughts and crosses, whichever you prefer) but they use SO. MUCH. PAPER. doing so! In an effort to cut back on the paper consumption, I decided that what we really needed was a new way to play. TADAA! A crocheted tic-tac-toe board, in fun summer colours and complete with beach rocks for markers.

This set really is pretty simply to make. I sewed my squares together but if I made one again, I think I'd change to a join as you go method, simply to make it a little easier. The board is built using basic granny squares, so if you know how to make them already, you can skip half of the instructions straight up! I probably should have blocked this, to make the board more straight and even, but you know what, kids don't care about straight and even :D

The verdict? Well I gave it to them an hour ago, not a peep yet so I'd call that a winner and if it gets dirty, it can be popped into the wash.

You will need:
4.5mm hook
3mm hook (for stone covers)
DK (8ply) yarn in 9 colours for the board, white for the edging and 2 more contrasting colours for the stone covers.
10 stones for markers. Mine are roughly 3-4cm across.

Making the squares: With one of your 9 board colours:

1: ch4, join

2: In the ch4 loop, ch3, dc twice, ch2, *dc 3 times, ch2*, repeat twice more, join.

3: sl st in the next dc and then into the ch2 space. (ch3, 2dc, ch2, 3dc) in the ch2 space, *ch1, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in the next ch2 space* Repeat twice more, join. End colour.

Join white in any ch2 space:
4: (ch3, 2dc, ch2, 3dc) in the ch2 space, *ch1, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in the next ch2 space, ch1, 3dc in the next ch1 space* Repeat twice more, join.
End off white
Weave in ends.

Repeat this 8 more times for a total of 9 squares. Sew the squares together so that your board is 3x3

5: Join white yarn to the edge of the board and ch3, dc evenly around the entire board, being sure to (dc, ch2, dc) in each of the 4 corners. End this colour

6: Change to one of the colours in the board and ch2, hdc evenly around the entire boars, being sure to (hdc, ch2, hdc) in each of the 4 corners. End this colour

7: Change to one more colour from your board and repeat round 6 once more.

End off and weave in all loose ends.

With a contrasting colour and a 3mm hook:
1: ch10, join.
2: ch6 (first dc and ch3), *dc into the loop, ch3* 4 times, ch3, join to the 3rd chain from the first 6.
3:ch6 (first dc and ch3), *dc into the next dc, ch3* 4 times, ch3, join to the 3rd chain from the first 6.

Tuck the stone inside the cover and turn upside down. Chain 3-5 stitches(depending on the size of your stone) to use as a strap. sl st to the dc on the opposite side of the stone. You want your chain stitches to be short enough so that the strap will pull tight to keep the stone in place. End off.

Make 4 more markers this way, then repeat with the last 5 stones using a different contrasting colour.

As you can see, I did one set with 8ply/dk and a second set with thread, both worked fine. If your rocks are smaller, drop a hook size to make the covers.

Thats it! You are done, now do play a few rounds!

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