Monday, May 12, 2014

Fuzzle the Fluffy - Crochet Pattern

Good morning lovlies.

I'm going to be upfront here. I have a lovehate relationship with funfur (and other lashy/fluffy yarns) I love the colours they come in, and the soft squishiness of the finished piece and how utterly cute things made from it look. I hate how it is such a pain to use (even doubled with normal yarn) and how bits fly off and get stuck up my nose!

It seems over the years I have collected a whole crate of the stuff, and I'd really like to use it up! So, here is a pattern for some. I don't know how many more I'll have, but hey, one is a start right?

The trick to using funfurs, is to always hold them doubled with another solid plain yarn. It helps you find the stitches. Also, if you happen to miss a stitch, or come up with some extra ones, don't worry too much, funfur is very forgiving and you can't see any missed or extra stitches anyway!

So todays pattern is actually something my girls helped me think up, and its a super cute little monster-thing. We have decided to call it Fuzzle (because it looks kind of like a chuzzle, have you played that? So much fun!) It is pretty easy to do, even with the fun fur!

You will need:
Funfur (or any other brand/type of fluffy yarn, this one is Moda Vera Flurry)
Plain yarn in a matching colour (all plain yarns in this list are 8ply DK/light worsted weight)
Yellow and orange yarn for the feet
A contrasting yarn for the horns
Black and white yarn for the eyes
5.5mm hook
3.5mm hook
Stitch marker

With the 5.5mm hook and the funfur held with the matching plain yarn

1: ch2, hdc into the first ch 6 times, place marker
2: 2hdc in each stitch around - (12)
3: *2hdc in the first stitch, hdc in the next stitch*, repeat around - (18)
4: *2hdc in the first stitch, hdc in the next 2 stitchs*, repeat around - (24)
5: *2hdc in the first stitch, hdc in the next 3 stitchs*, repeat around - (30)
6-8: hdc in each stitch around - (30)
9: *hdc2tg, hdc in the next 3 stitches* - (24)
10: *hdc2tg, hdc in the next 2 stitches* - (18)
11: *hdc2tg, hdc in the next stitch* - (12)
12: hdc2tg around - (6)

End off leaving a long tail but do not stuff the body just yet.

With 3.5mm hook and yellow yarn:

1: ch10, sc in the 2nd chain from hook,sc in the next 7 chains, sc once in the ed chain, now working on the opposite side of the chains we just used, sc in all 8, place a marker. - (17)
2-5: sc in each stitch around
6: *sc2tg, sc in the next stitch* repeat around, ending with a sc2tg- (11)
7: Repeat round 6 - (7 stitches remain)
End off and leave a long tail
Make a second foot.

Lightly stuff the feet and sew the opening closed but do not end off the yarn, you will need this to attach the feet to the body. Using some orange yarn stitch some toe marks into the feet.
Position feet under the body and sew them on. This is why we didn't stuff the body, it is easier to get the feet on without it being stuffed.

Using a 3.5mm hook and black yarn:
1: ch2, sc into the first chain 6 times, join
change to white
2: 2sc in each stitch around, join. End leaving long tail.
Make a second eye and sew the eyes onto the body.

Using a 3.5mm hook and contrasting yarn
1: ch2, 6sc into the 1st chain, place marker- (6)
2: *2sc in the first stitch, sc in the next stitch* repeat around - (9)
3-4: sc in each stitch around
End off leaving a long tail. Make a second horn and attach them to the body.

Stuff the body firmly and using the long tail, gather and sew closed the gap.

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