Monday, May 19, 2014

Moo's Mitts

My youngest asked me this week for a pair of mitts because her fingers get cold on the way to school. Of course, mamma totally jumped at the challenge, and like everything else I make, I wrote the pattern as I went.

The verdict? Happy warm toasy fingers and one happy warm toasty kiddoe! If you want to make a pair, follow along with the instructions below. They are made from the band up and are about as basic as it gets. They do start with a foundation dc stitch, and you can find a video on that HERE
My daughter is 8 and has fairly dainty hands, I would say these should fit from about 6-8years.
They would be simple enough to adjust up, add some more foundation dc's to the start and make them a few rounds longer. They would also be great stashbusters for charity work. I plan on making some for a foster support group.

You will need:
DK/Light Worsted/8ply yarn
4mm hook

1: ch3, foundation dc 24 times, join.
2-3: ch2, fphdc, bphdc, repeat around, join
4: ch2, hdc back loop only, for each stitch around, join. (24)
5: ch2, *hdc in the first 5 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch* repeat 3 times, join. (28)
6: ch2, *hdc in the first 6 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch* Repeat around, join (32)
7-9: ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join.
10: ch2, hdc in the first 24 stitches, skip the remaining 8 and join to the first hdc. (24) The leftover stitches will become the thumb later on.
11-12: ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join.
13: ch2, hdc 10, hdc2tg, hdc10, hdc2tg, join (22)
14: ch2, hdc9, hdc2tg, hdc9, hdc2tg, join (20)
15: ch2, hdc8, hdc2tg, hdc8, hdc2tg, join (18)
16: ch2, *hdc4, hdc2tg* repeat around, join (15)
17: ch2, *hdc3, hdc2tg* repeat aorund, join (12)
18: ch2, hdc2tg around, join (6)

Leave a long tail and gather closed the top

join yarn to any unused stitch from round 8
1: ch2, hdc in all 8 unused stitches, and in the first and last used stitch from round 8, 10hdc in total, join.
2-5: ch2, hdc around, join
6: ch2, hdc2tg around, join. (5)
Use a long tail to gather the end closed.

Make a second mitt to complete the pair.

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