Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pretty Tulle Bow Tutorial

Hello lovlies!

In my last post I mentioned the upcoming Angels for the forgotten's annual craft challenge which officially kicks off in April. Well, I decided I needed to get a jumpstart this year, because this household is so crazy I never know when I'll have time for crafting so if I have an hour downtime to make something, by gosh I'll take it :)

Thankfully you won't even need an hour for these little beauties! In fact you can whip one up in about 5 minutes and half of that is waiting for glue to dry! Quick projects do indeed rock, hardcore!

So what will you need?
Some tulle. I use multiple colours but any will do.
Small piece of ribbon
needle and thread
glue (I used 450 quickdry for this tutorial, a glue gun or even super glue would work just fine, so long as what you are using dried clear)
a lighter or heat source (to stop your ribbon from fraying)
a clip to attach the bow to

1. Cut your tulle so you have 3 pieces each one slightly smaller in height and width then the last. Mine are 10x15.5cm, 8x14cm, and 7x10cm. Start with your largest piece. Fold it in half  and then in half again. The clip is handy at this stage to hold the tulle so it doesn't fling open.

2. Repeat the process with the middle piece and again with the top piece. Stack the pieces together.

3. Take some thread and gather the centre of the bow. Pull tightly and tie thread around the centre.

4. Take the small piece of ribbon and melt the end with the lighter to stop fray. Put a drop of glue on the centre of the bow and wrap the ribbon around it so the join is at the back.

5. Slide the clip under the ribbon and squeeze a small amount of glue in under the ribbon to help hold the clip in place.

If your edges are not straight or you tied it slightly off centre, which I have a habit of doing, then just trim the sides slightly to fix and then you are all done! Told you it was fast!

Try different lengths and widths to alter your bow. You can also glue on other small decorative pieces to the middle of the bow.

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  1. You did a great job they look fantastic and what a wonderful cause you are making them for.