Monday, November 6, 2017

2017 Itty Bitty Giant Hat Drive Tally

Good evening all!!!!

Wow what a busy month it's been! Finishing ends, adding buttons, posting parcels! Then BAM along comes Halloween and I get totally creatively snowed under! I've also added some photos below of my hats, and all the patterns from this year!

Nevermind! Today I'm here to give you the tally for the 2017 Itty Bitty Giant Hat Drive, for the number of hats that have been received throughout October by Chance's Clothes Project.

Are you ready? Set?


The tally is2979 HATS!!!

Oh! My! WORD! Lovelies, I just can't even. I have goosebumps! Honestly! Two thousand, nine hundred and seventy nine hats! Let me break that down a bit. At 3 hats per pack, that is enough hats for 993 packs. WOW! Gals, have you got any idea just how incredible that is? That's insane right there!

You guys pulled together and did something completely mind boggling AMAZING this year and I can not thank you enough! I'm sitting here looking at these number, while Im typing, with tears in my eyes. What an honour you have all done. What an amazing display of support and understanding and caring. There will be hundreds of families, that will now, because of YOU have something size appropriate for their angel. Hundreds of families that will know they are not alone. That will know someone out there cares.

You guys hit it out of the ballpark, and I am so proud of each and every one of you who joined in. Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart.

Something neat we've been doing for the last few years is a map that logs the postcodes parcels come from, it's actually pretty cool to see. If you'd like to check it out, you can do so here: World Map

Also, please remember that this tally was for hats donated to CCP only. They are whom I work with each year in Australia as the beneficiaries of the hat drive. There are most likely many THOUSANDS more hats that have been donated worldwide as a part of the IBGHD that I don't know about, and that is even more incredible!!

So, where to from here?

Every year it does get harder to come up with more designs, it's much more challenging. But, I have never let a little challenge stand in the way! So yes, we will absolutely be back again next September! Whether I have 30 completely new patterns, or a mix of new and old, who knows. But we have almost a whole year to plan and prep!

There is one more thing I'd like to talk about before we finish up here this evening. As I said, within Australia hats get sent to CCP. A lot of people would love to have somewhere international to post to as well. So... if you run an organisation that makes baby bereavement packs that are given to families for free in another country, and you would like to get involved for next years hat drive, PLEASE email me! (If your a member but don't actually own/run it, please pass the info on to those who do) I'm looking for 1, maybe 2 (depending on country size and location) organisations per country. So that we can start thinking about taking this global. Groups that get accepted will need to do a few things to join in (Like sharing the pattern posts on social media daily, and keeping a tally of the hats they receive for the drive, and possibly helping with pattern translation into other languages, but I may also beable to help there too) but I think overall it would be pretty incredible to see tallies from around the globe, a map with all the countries on it, and grass roots organisations in other parts of the world benefiting large scale because of the hat drive. So hit me up if you want to talk logistics for 2018! If we can hit almost 3000 in just Australia, Imagine what we can do globally!!!!!!

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