Monday, January 1, 2018

Rose Prem Gown

Good morning all and welcome to the first post for 2018, which also happens to be the first pattern for 2018 too!!

The break over the last month has been much welcome, but I have to say, also a little... boring! I barely even touched a crochet hook for over a month! So not like me at ALL!

But that's all good, because I'm refreshed, and raring to get on with this year!

I have some pretty big blog changes coming this year. One of which is a more frequent posting schedule! That's right, I've committed to a schedule and will do my up most to stick to it!

So, what does 2018 bring blog wise? Lots! Preemie, newborn, blanket and toy patterns will feature this year as far as crochet goes! Not to forget the September Itty Bitty Giant Hat Drive again this year (want to make an early start? Knock yourself out!) I'll also be introducing some more craft posts and lots more sharing. Most of you know that I'm a crafty kinda gal. The kind that crafts till her fingers fall off, then glue guns those suckers back on and crafts some more! I want to share more of that with you all. So you can expect to see more digital scrap kits, some felt board templates, oodles of toddler/kid themed downloadable content and crafts and also Christmas and Halloween crafts... ALL. YEAR. LONG! Yes, I love decorating for both so much that I thought we'd get a jump start and begin this month.

So as you can see, biiiiiiiiiiiig changes! I'm also working on more pattern translations, international organisations to pair up with for the hat drive (if you own/run one, please email me!!), and to finally make the leap across to YouTube, which is something I've been working towards for so long now!

Hold on to your hats lovelies, 2018, I'm coming!

Rose Prem Gown

Sized To Fit:
36 Weeks Gestation

You Will Need:
4.5mm hook
DK/8ply/Light Worsted weight yarn in main and contrasting colours. You will need less than 25g of the contrasting colour.

1: Ch30, dc in the 3rd ch from hook, 2dc in the next ch, *dc in the next ch, 2dc in the next ch* Repeat across (42)

2: Ch2, turn, *dc in the first 2 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch* Repeat across (56)

3: Ch2, turn, *dc in the first 3 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch* Repeat across (70)

4: Ch2, turn, *dc in the first 4 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch* Repeat across (84)

5: Ch2, turn, dc in the first 11 stitches, skip the next 19 stitches, dc in the next 24 stitches, skip the next 19 stitches, dc in the last 11 stitches. (46) Armholes Made

6: Ch2, turn, hdc in each stitch across (46)

7: Ch1, turn, in the first stitch (slst, ch3, 2dc), shell made *skip 2 stitches, (slst, ch3, 2dc) in the next stitch*, repeat across, sc in the last stitch.

8. Ch1, turn, (slst, ch3, 2dc) in the first sc, *in the ch3 space of the next shell (slst, ch3, 2dc)*, repeat across, when you reach the last shell, sc in the ch3 space.

9-14: Repeat row 8.

Change to contrasting colour

15-16: Repeat row 8

Change to main colour

17: Repeat row 8

Change to contrasting Colour

18-19: Repeat row 8

Change to main colour

20: Repeat row 8

Do not end off main colour, ch2, then word hdc's evenly up the side to the neckline. End off.

Reattach yarn to the other corner, ch2, and hdc evenly up the remaining side to the neckline. (If you are adding buttons instead of tied, this is where you need to make some button holes. You can easily do this by chaining 2, and skipping a stitch in the place you wish for a button to be)

End off and weave in all tails.

To make ties for the back, attach yarn in the place you want the tie to be and chain 28. Repeat for all remaining ties. OR if using buttons, sew them into place.


1: Reattach main colour to the bottom of any armhole and ch2, hdc evenly around the armhole for 24 stitches, join to the first hdc.

2: Ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join to the first hdc. End off main colour.

3: Attach contrasting colour to any stitch on the arm hole with a slst, ch1, dc into the same stitch, *skip the next stitch, (slst, ch1, dc)* into the next stitch, repeat around, joining with a slst. End off and weave in all tails.

Repeat 1-3 for the second arm hole.

Attach any decorations you like, and you are done!

Finished Measurements, laid flat, with back ties tied.
Sleeve Edge: 10cm across opening
Chest: 16cm across
Neckline to Hem: 32cm
Sleeve edge to Sleeve edge: 21cm

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