Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Insect Play Dough Mats

Good morning lovelies!

Wow, we're ending out the second week in March already! Is it just me, or does it feel like this year is really flying? We're gearing up for both Mr Mamma, and Miss C's birthdays at the end of this month, busy busy!

Today I have for you, some super adorable insect play dough mats! Master J loves bugs. He loves to watch snails, chase grass hoppers and squeals with delight at butterflies as they fly past.

This set of mats incorporates some simple instructions, but as always, can absolutely be used for free play. We've also been using them for counting practice and colour recognition. What colour are the caterpillars stripes? How many spots are on the butterflies wings? Oodles of educational fun!

I've gone with A5 for these ones, like I did with the Monster Mats, instead of A4. I think I'll do that for all future ones as well. They just seem to work better that way. Because the sheets are laminated, you could also use them with a dry erase marker for even more usability!

This set has a lady bug, a butterfly, a bee and a caterpillar.

New to play dough mats? It's easy as can be! Download the file, print it, laminate the sheets and BAM! That's it, you are done. I've included both PDF and JPEG files in the folder, so you can download whichever you prefer.

Grab the Free Printable Files Here!

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