Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pinspiration - Button Art

Good morning lovelies and welcome to another Pinspiration Post!

If, like me, you are a bit of a craft hoarder, chances are you have buttons. Im not talking about a few sheets, a handful of offcuts or some leftovers from a project... I'm talking masses of buttons, that have accumulated from everywhere! Including the tins from nanna, and the jars of random ones from second hand shops. No? Just me? Nah, I didn't think so hehe 😉

If I'm being honest, I'd have to say my random button collection has reached epidemic proportions, and like all craft supplies, I just CAN'T throw them out! The only option left is to use them up!!!

If you don't have a monstrous stash of buttons already, head to your local op-shops! It's a treasure trove of goodness, for just a few dollars!

A quick Google search lead me to this article by The Whoot, featuring a whole bunch of button art ideas! They look amazing, and use up large quantities of buttons, so this one was right up my alley!

I also grabbed out some sequins, beads and stick on gems, because who doesn't need extra sparkle, am I right?

The process was pretty simple. I sketched out a rough shape on my paper (I used some 12x12 scrapbooking paper) and started by placing down the larger buttons, so I could get a feel for where everything needed to go. Once I had those figured out, I went ahead and started gluing things down.

I used 450 quick dry glue for the buttons, and any larger beads, and some Modge Podge for anything smaller. Mainly because Modge Podge is easier to dab into and onto little spaces with a dotting took or a toothpick, and 450 tends to be more thick and harder to spread.

As I worked I filled spaces with a combination of beads (large, small, seed and stick), all sizes of stick on gems (which I also glued for extra staying power) and small solid flowers (I completely forget what these are called)

The process wasn't hard, just fiddly. But it was a lot of fun, it used up oodles of buttons, and I have some pretty unique wall art at the end of it!

I trimmed mine down and placed them inside frames (with no glass) that I picked up from a second hand shop, so YAY for upcycling too!

Pinterest Win? I think so! 

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