Saturday, May 19, 2018

Multiple Use Sticker Squares for Learning and Games

Morning all!

Sometimes, the most versatile busy bag games can also be the cheapest! Which is always a plus when you have little ones to entertain!

Today's project is so cheap and simple, but it has a whole variety of uses, sticker cards!

That's right. Stickers and cardstock. Sounds pretty basic right? Well, it is! In fact, it's barely a tutorial, it's so simple.

I picked up these packs of 180 stickers from The Reject Shop last year, they cost me only $2 a pack, and as of writing this, they still have them available too, wahoo! If you don't have a Reject Shop in your area, most discount/bargain stores stock packs of stickers, cheap.

You'll also need some cardstock. I have a stack of A4 sized coloured cardstock I picked up for $3.

Optional: A laminate machine! Now, you don't NEED one of these. In fact, the sticker cards work EXACTLY the same without being covered. I prefer to use it, because it means my cards will last longer, and be able to be used year after year. You could also cover them with clear contact if you wanted to.

Cut your cardstock into squares. Mine are 1.5 inches (just shy of 4cm)
Stick your stickers to the middle of the squares.

Laminate, if you wish!

See, I told you it was simple!

What I love about these cards though, simplicity aside, is how many things you can use them for!

Colour Matching.
Kids can match either the colour of the cardstock or the colour of the stickers.

Group together the same items (even if they have different coloured backgrounds)

Play a game of Memory.
This can be a simple 4 or 9 square game for smaller kids, right up to as many cards as you can make for older ones. Imagine using all 180 stickers for the ultimate Memory challenge!

Pattern Recognition.
Figuring out what comes next in a sequence, either with the sticker, or flipping them over and using the blank side to make patterns from the colours. For older children, the challenge could be matching the sequence with both the card colour and the sticker!

Story Prompts.
This is a great one for older kids to practice their creative writing skills. Get them to pick out 3-5 cards at random, and write a story using the images as prompts. Lots of fun!

So, there are just a handful of ideas of fun and learning games, all from $5 worth of supplies. Budget games? Yes please! 

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