Monday, May 7, 2018

Pinspiration - Halloween Signs from Pallets

Morning all!

Gosh, Halloween is getting closer and closer, and I am sooooo not prepared! My project list is huge! Thanks Pinterest, haha!

This month I've been working on some upcycling. Actually, this project, cost me nothing! Nope, not a penny! I already had the paints and brushes, and the pallet boards I used to paint on came free from a store that was getting rid of them! A lot of companies that receive goods on pallets will give these away for nothing, so it pays to ask around.

We'll be moving mid year, and as yet I don't know what space we'll have for a haunt, so I've been making things I can easily adapt for any space. These signs are perfect for that.

I can hang them on walls, attach them to trees or add a base and sit them in the yard!

So, how did I do it?

First, cut your pallet up and make the planks the size you want! Mine are 43x8 cm (give or take on height) and that wasn't actually planned by me. It's just the size the planks came off at when I started cutting. Of course, you can actually measure if you want to have signs the same height. All 3 got a coat of grey primer first that I let dry overnight.


This was the easiest sign to make. I picked a font out, opened it in Photoshop and printed out the letters to the size I wanted. Once a coat of black paint dried, I just laid the letters over the plank and traced them on. The pressure was enough to lightly mark the wood so I could see where ti paint. The words are white, just one coat, and then once that dried I touched the edges up with some red paint. See, super easy.

Headstone Scene:

This one took a few more steps, but still, pretty easy. I started with the blues and purples for the background, and brushed them on, getting darker at the top, lighter at the bottom. I also took some black (a very tiny amount) and brushed it into the wet paint around the edges. Then I took a pencil and outlined where everything would go. The moon went on first, then the hill. I popped the headstone on the hill and waited for it to dry, and then came in with a super fine brush and some black to paint in some grass in front of it. The tree went on last, so that it could over hang the moon.

Black Cat:

I can't take credit for this one. Miss M found the image on Pinterest (which started this whole post today!) and recreated it in pencil onto the wood for me. Thankyou to Bronwyn Goulding for sharing. This one started with an orange background, and again some black on the edges. I painted in the spider and cobwebs first, then the house and cat, and the cats eye last.

I'd call this a Pinterest Win Right?? YES!

I have a bunch more to make yet! Free Halloween decor? YES PLEASE!

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