Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DIY Embellishment Clusters From Scraps

Good morning all!

Recently I've been playing with paper crafts! I've always loved to scrapbook, and now I've been playing with cards and happy mail, and having oodles of fun along the way!

One thing I noticed though, was that I have a LOT of leftover pieces. You guys know, Im a huge fan of not wasting stuff, and upcycling, so today Im going to show you how I made some cute little embellishments from scraps!

Today Im focusing on circles. I recently purchased a set of hole punches that make 3 sizes of circles, so it was a good chance to play with them.

I've never blogged anything like this before, so.. Are the descriptions ok? Would you prefer no descriptions and just the photos? Something else I've not thought about? Let me know. I can't wait to share more paper craft adventures!

To make these embellishments you will need:

Scrap paper or cardstock
A Stapler
Some Bling (I found some stashed in the craft draws, the small silver shapes are about 8 years old!)
Words or phrases. These could be stickers, cut out from magazines or just leftover from other projects. I had a heap left from some cards I'd made (I just printed words onto cardstock, and cut into strips)
Foam Tape

Cluster 1: Position a small circle over a larger one and glue down. Offset a word of phrase to the bottom right with foam tape for height. Add some bling to the top left!

Cluster 2: Cut one circle in half, and cut 2 different length strips. Place the shorter of the 2 strips on the large circle, and attach a half circle on top. Add the longer strip to the right of the shorter one. Cover the strips with a smaller circle. Use foam tape to attach a word or phrase to the main circle, in the middle so it covers the half circle line. Put some bling beside the word.

Cluster 3: Glue one smaller circle to the center of a larger one. Choose 2 words of phrases and attach them to the circle using a stapler. I stapled twice. Add some bling under the staples.

Cluster 4: Cut 2 circles in half. Alternating colours, fan them out over a 90 degree angle, adding glue to adhere them together. Attach a word of phrase to the bottom, and some bling to the left of the word.

See, I told you these were easy! Probably you didn't even need the descriptions! It's a great way to use up all those little pieces of scrap that are sitting around, and can be added to so many things! Scrapbooks, cards, loaded envelopes, flip-books, as paperclip toppers or even used in planners. Oodles of options, all from a few pieces of scrap!

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