Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nature Play Dough Mat - Free Printable

Good morning all!

Well, we're officially in winter here now in Australia, and it's been getting colder and colder! This means lots more inside time with Master J.

This week I whipped up a new playdough mat set for Master J, and I have to say, he just loves it!

Not only is this a great set for play dough, but it is also perfect for dry erase markers AND for some outside play. That's right, because these are laminated you can take them outside! Master J had a blast sticking leaves on the tree and picking flowers from the lawn to put on the stalks. A quick wipe when we were done and the mats are good as new!

This set has a rainbow, flower stalks and 2 trees, one with leaves and one without.

New to play dough mats? It's easy as can be! Download the file, print it, laminate the sheets and BAM! That's it, you are done. I've included both PDF and JPEG files in the folder, so you can download whichever you prefer.

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