Saturday, May 5, 2012

1 Ball Project #1

Every now and then I like to challenge myself to see just what charity items I can make from one ball of yarn. I figure its high time I started sharing these so people can see just how many families can be helped with one ball. Its also a good way to use up yarn!

For this one ball project I used: 1 ball of Craftworks Acrylic Print 100g 8ply (dk weight) yarn, purchased from Chickenfeed for $2.49

1 Summer gown
2 Bonnets
1 Pair of booties
8 Hats in various sizes

This lovely little dress pattern came from the crochetville forums The only alterations I did was to work back and forth instead of in a round so the back stayed open the entire way down.

Simple hats for 20-22 weeks gestation. No pattern but I can put it together if you like

Booties pattern from which is listed on Bev's crochet page. These are my go-to preemieb booties. So very easy and simple to make and they use hardly any yarn.

Bonnet patterns are my own, the bottom one from this blog and the top a variation I havn't released yet, look for it in the next week! 

The other hats are just made up as I go along. One has a nice ribbed bottom so I may put that into a pattern at some stage too. SO there you go, all that from a $2.49 ball of yarn! Half of the hats will go to Memory Hats Australia, everything else is being sent to Chance's Clothes Project.
Perhaps you'd like to try a one ball project too! Feel free to share them, I love seeing what you guys make <3


  1. These are gorgeous. I know Nikki from Chances Clothes Project and she will love these :) Lucy

  2. I am new to your blog and new to making preemie items for charity as well! I am getting my first box ready to donate to my local NICU. I was thinking the other night, I wonder how many items I can get out of one ball of yarn. Guess I have an idea now! :) you have inspired me, after I finish a few orders for my etsy store I am going to do a 1 ball project!