Friday, May 11, 2012

Crafting and Caring Raffle

Crafting and Caring Raffle

To celebrate my blog here hitting 20k views, I have decided to host an awesome amazing super cool raffle

Thats right, A raffle!

As you all know, I submit all of my patterns to Ravelry. On Ravelry, users can submit "Projects" that connect to patterns. They give others a chance to see how patterns work, colour combos others have used, yarn suggestions and ofcourse let me know how they came out. I would like to see some more projects added to my patterns on Ravelry and thats what this contest is all about.

But here's the twist. In entering yourself, you also give a charity of your choice a chance to win too!

The winner of this raffle will receive a bag of brand new mystery yarns, (RRP of $50) There will be a lovely combination of fun yarns, interesting yarns, unique yarns! Yarns for all occasions!

To enter, all you need to do is use one of my patterns, and submit a project to Ravelry. The project page must be complete. This means you need to include a photo, rate the pattern, mark if its complete and on what date and if you can add the yarn type used.

Now, if you add in the description what charity your piece was donated to, and you win the main prize, the charity will also receive a cash donation from me of $40 (Must be an actual charity that has donation information publicly available so I can see its A. Real and B. able to receive the prize)

You may add as many projects as you like however each one must be a new COMPLETED item (no photographing the same item 10 times)

You can use ANY of my patterns, so long as you are making them for charity.

Each project you add counts as an "Entry" and will grant you 1 ticket into the raffle

Winner will be picked at random via

You can find my patterns on Ravelry  HERE

Ravelry is free to join, you can do so HERE

You can read on how to add a Project HERE

You do NOT need to notify me when you add a project, I will see it when it is added and will assign your project a number.

You do not need to "Like" any Facebook page to enter, but it would certainly be excellent of you popped by and checked out the ones I have listed at the end of this blog to see if they are places you may be interested in supporting. It would also be great if you shared this post with your chosen charity so the members can also join in!

Raffle starts at the time of posting and ends on the 30th June

Sharing this post is much appreciated! Charities, feel free to promote this to your members as much as you like, so you have more chances to win!

Tl;dr: Add a new project featuring one of my patterns to Ravelry. Mention the charity you made it for (direct link would be best). If you win, you get mystery yarn and your charity gets $40!

Good luck and happy crocheting!

Some suggested charities (FB pages linked)

L.A.M.B -

Lisa's Stars -

Calvin's Hats -

Angel Baby -

Chance's Clothes Project -

PreemiesUK -

If you have more suggestions please feel free to link them so I can add them.

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  1. I do two different charities. In addition, to making crochet hats for the Cancer Center that I am just finished treatment at.

    Project Linus
    Newborns in Need