Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lavani Moses Basket

Before I get started with this pattern, Did you notice my new tab up above? Ive created pages that provide a quick list of all my patterns, so you can find them easier and don't have to scroll through the entire blog to find the one you want. So happy with it :)

As promised, here is another little bed.  I named this one the Lavani Moses Basket, as Lavani means "Grace" and I thought that was fitting. This one will fit a bub up to about 16 weeks gestation. It can however be made as large as you like by increasing the base.

You will see a pattern forming on the base where the increase stitches are, they go up by 1 every round so if you just keep increasing at the same rate you can make this bed as large as you choose. Just remember that the larger the bub inside, the heavier it will be so be sure to make an adequate mattress for the bed to help with stability. You may also like to add a few increases to the height if you are making it larger.

I tried to keep this one simple while still adding some dainty trim. The trim is really what sets these little beds off and makes them special.

 Ok so you will need:
2 strands of DK weight (8ply) yarn in main colour
1 strand of yarn in a contrasting colour
5.00mm hook
Needle for darning
10 small pearls or decorations if you wish to add them (and a way of sticking them on)
To make the mattress for the bed please refer to THIS POST


1: ch18, dc 3 times in the 3rd ch from hook, dc in the next 14 chains, 4dc in the end chain, do not turn, working round the corner, on the opposite side of the chain, dc in the next 14 stitches, join.

2: ch3, 2dc in the same st and the next 3 stitches, dc in the next 14 st, 2dc in the next 4 stitches, dc in the next 14 st, join

3: ch2, dc in the same st, *dc, 2dc in the next* 4 times (total of 12dc) dc next 13, *2dc, dc* 4 times (12 dc) dc next 14 stitches, join

4: ch2, *2dc, dc, dc* 4 times (16dc) dc in the next 14 st, *2dc, dc, dc* 4 times (16dc) dc in the next 14 st, join.

5: ch2, hdc in the back loops only of every stitch around (60hdc)

6 - 10: ch2, hdc in each st around, join.

End off main colour and weave in all ends.

With dk OR baby yarn and a 5mm hook

Join yarn to the front loop that was leftover (unworked) from round 5, in the same st you joined chain 1, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, *sl st in the next stitch, in the next stitch do (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc)* (this created a small shell) repeat around, join with a sl st and end off.

Join yarn to the top of the cradle and sc around, join.

In the FRONT loop *sl st in the next 2 stitches, in the next stitch (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc)* Repeat this around, join and end off, weaving in all ends.

I also added small "pearl" hearts to every other shell around the top for a little something extra.
2 or 3 of my shell stitches on the top part of the trim sat up a little more then I liked, so a quick dab on the back with the glue gun and pushed them down so they sat against the bed and problem solved :D


  1. It's lovely, only know how to knit unfortunately,but thank you.

  2. I am amazed at how many patterns there are on your site thankyou so so much I am making bits and bobs and donating them to my local special care baby unit

    1. Thankyou for making things to donate :) It is wonderful to know so many people are helping out.

      Im glad you like the patterns.

    2. I'd like to make them too. I thought of just asking for the cost of yarn. Donating to the hospital is a good idea, as long as I'd know they actually went to someone how needed them.

  3. How heavy of a baby will this bed hold?

  4. May I pls ask if you have a video of this

  5. Thanks for this lovely pattern. I live in Scotland, i went along to my local charity "Babes in the Woods" they managed to give me the baby mattresses from the governments Baby Boxes that had been donated to them. Due to legislation, these mattresses have to go to landfill as they can't be sold on, even if they haven't been used! Just thought i'd share this idea for a mattress in case anybody else might find it useful.

  6. This is lovely, thank you! I'm looking for organiser patterns for my bathroom, and this would be a nice option. I don't suppose you know off the top of your head the approximate dimensions of the basket? Thanks so much!