Friday, February 1, 2013

ScrapHappy MicroPrem Cap

Hello peeps!

Wow its been a little since my last post! Its almost back to school time here in Tas and with 3 girls all going back in a few days its been busy busy busy! Thankfully I have some time to sit down today and get this pattern up for you all.

Now, if your anything like me, you probably hang onto leftover bits of yarn. The small of-cuts that will never make any one thing, but you just can't throw them out! Waste not, want not right? Maybe Im just odd, but I tend to hang onto anything thats more then 2 meters long.

Ive been looking at all these little odds and ends, and thinking, Gee I really need to start using these! So many colours, various fibres, a bit of everything really. So I sat down and worked on a simple beanie that uses scraps. Then I decided that it needed some UMPH and well, who doesnt have a stash of fun embellishments! Plus, it gave me another excuse to use the glue gun!

The best part about this hat is you can use up all sorts of colours. If you have darks and brights  just end with a light row that wont clash with bubs skin :) For embellishments: I have an assortment of iron ons, buttons, rhinestones and things from the scrap booking isle which actually work pretty perfectly for these small single use hats!

So you will need
Main colour in 8ply (dk weight) yarn
Scraps of 2 contrasting colours
4mm hook
If you choose, embellishments.

1. ch2, dc 8 times in the 1st chain, join
2. ch2, dc in the same stitch, 2dc in each remaining stitch around, join
3. ch2, dc in the same stitch, *dc in the next stitch, 2dc in the next stitch*, Repeat around, join.
4. ch2, dc in each stitch around, join.
5. ch2, dc in each stitch around, join. End off main colour.
6. Join contrasting colour with a sl st, hdc in the same stitch and hdc in each remaining stitch around, join.
7. Join the last colour with a sl st, sc in the same stitch and  sc in each stitch around, join.

Weave in all ends. If you like, add embellishments now.

There we go, 7 rows and a microprem hat is done! Try playing with the colours, or even the fibres you use (tho I wouldnt recommend anything overly fluffy) Mine fit around 22 weeks gestation. If you wanted to make them larger, add another row of increases after row 3, but also add an extra row of dc after row 5. Using a 3mm hook with give you an even smaller 19/20 week gestation beanie.

Pattern 5/52 for 2013
Images copyright Myshelle Cole, please do not use without permission.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts! I've just started making things for little Angel Babies here in Perth, and I found your site a great resource! I mostly sew but I've been attempting to crochet matching hats and boots, and your posts have given me lots of ideas and some good hints that I would never have considered (like open backed booties!)
    Keep up the awesome work :D

  2. Thank you for creating these beautiful, perfect little designs. I am a former NICU RN and co-chair of the bereavement program for the hospital that I worked. To have access to all of your patterns have been very helpful for me, as, I am also one half of a set of bereaved parents. Crocheting for me has been very therapeutic for me. Saying 'Thank You!' doesn't seem to be enough, nothing seems to be enough. From my heart, my family, and the parents and babies I have cared for- don't stop what you are doing, these tiny little hats are helping to bring peace and partially fill holes in our hearts. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. I second what prkygth said above. You're the best!

  4. Thank you for the adorable patterns. I am especially happy that you have included the approximate gestation times for them as I am a newbie who has never been around a preemie baby so it has been difficult for me to imagine what size hat should go with a particular gown. Thank you!