Monday, June 3, 2013

New FB page!

Hello lovlies! Its been a busy few weeks in the mamma household!

First, today I got my drivers licence! Finally, after being a "learner" for 14 years I actually took the test and passed. Look out yarn stores!

Secondly, I have started a new Facebook page. I like to keep things neat and it just didn't feel right to have all the preemie gear mixed with my props so I created More From Mamma That Makes which is where you will get info on upcoming patterns, scrap kits, new releases, testing opportunities and pics!

Speaking of new patterns, I have been working on some new bootie and shoe ideas for prems, inspired by some conversations with Nikki from Chance's clothes project. You can expect to see them hitting the blog in the coming weeks.

I have also had some requests for some more boys hats, and you know me, I can't pass up a request! So you can also expect to see some new prem hats designed for the little men!

I have also once again received a few emails about donations. Yes. I am HAPPY to accept donations of items (yarn, embellishments, crochet hooks, pattern books, anything that can be turned into something for a charity pattern) you will have to email me to get the postal address. Or you could inbox my new FB page!

Yes, if you are a company and want to do a trade off (say a brand of yarn, in exchange for me making a pattern with it and linking back to you) I am totally happy to do that by all means!

I think that about covers what I wanted to update with. Hope to see you all over at the new FB page, and keep your eyes out here for the next lot of prem patterns!

Cheers n Out!

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