Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April Preemie Blanket - CAL Day 17

Morning all, and hello day 17!

April 17th is the unofficial day of the Haiku!
A Haiku is a poem that traditionally has three lines with 17 syllables. 5 Syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 again on the third. They don't have to rhyme, can be fun and quirky or deep and meaningful, and sometimes they make no sense at all!

I had a crack at one for today!

Soft and squishy yarn
It makes my heart happy
Roll me in it all

Why not have a go yourself?

You will need:

4.5mm hook
DK/8ply/light worsted weight yarn in minimum of 6 colours.

Yarn Note: I did not start with complete balls. All 6 of my balls were originally 100g balls with a little of each used. They are a mix of Stylecraft Special DK, King Cole Pricewise and Moda Vera Marvel 8ply for my 6 colours. You could choose 6 colours and follow my colour changes, or you could make every line a different colour (excellent way to use scraps) or you could even use some self striping yarn, or a solid colour.

Colour Changes: I change my colours by completing the last yarn over and pull through of the last stitch in the row with the new colour for the next row, so I don't have to join with slip stitches. Of course, this means you'll have to redo that one last stitch each day as you won't know what colour is next, but the finished piece will be much neater this way.

My Colours are

A - Beige
B - Blue
C - Dark Blue
D - Tan
E - Mint/Turquoise

F - Dark Grey

Day 17

With D
25: Ch3, turn, (dc, ch2, sc) in the next ch2 space, (dc, ch2, sc) in each remaining ch2 space across.

With B

26: Ch1, sc in the first ch2 space, 5dc in the next ch2 space, *sc in the next ch2 space, 5dc in the next ch2 space* repeat across.

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