Sunday, September 22, 2019

IBGHD 2019 Day 22 The Lucy Weir Bonnet

Hello hello, welcome to day 22!

Today's pattern is a sweet little bobble bonnet, to fit 28 weeks gestation. Gosh I love bobbles!

This pattern is in remembrance of  Lucy Weir

The Lucy Weir Bonnet

US Terms

St - Stitch
Ch - Chain
Sc - Single Crochet
Dc - Double Crochet
Hdc - Half Double Crochet

Special Stitches
Bobble: Yarn over, insert hook in stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through one loop, yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch, yarn over, pull through (5 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all 5 loops. 

Instructions in * * should be repeated
Starting chain counts as first stitch, and in the end round stitch count. 

Sized for: 28 Weeks Gestation

Finished Measurements: Approx. 10cm from crown to brim, 12cm across the brim.

Amount Of Yarn Used: 30 Meters/32 Yards/11g of 4Seasons Marvel 8Ply

Hook Size: 4mm

Yarn:  DK/8Ply in main and contrasting colours

Starting with your main colour

1: Into a magic ring make 9dc, join to the first. -9dc

2: ch3, dc in the same st, 2dc in each st around, join to the ch3. -18dc

3: ch3, dc in the same st, dc in the next st, *2dc in the next st, dc in the next st*, repeat around, join to the ch3. -27dc

4: ch3, dc in the same st, dc in the next 2 sts, *2dc in the next stitch, dc in the next 2 sts*, repeat around, do not join (no more joins from here on out). -36dc

5-6: ch3, turn, dc in each st around. -36dc

With contrasting colour

7: ch1, turn, bobble in the next st, sc in the next st, * sc in the next st, bobble in the next st, sc in the next st*, repeat around.

With main colour

8: ch2, turn, hdc in each st around. -36hdc

9-10: repeat rounds 7 and 8.

11: ch1, sc in each st around. -36sc

End off and weave in all tails.


With main colour ch35, holding the bonnet so the neckline is facing up and the crown beside your body join the yarn to the right hand corner and ch1, sc evenly along the neckline to the other corner, when you reach it, ch35 to complete the second tie. End off.

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