Thursday, October 18, 2012

Davida Gown - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello again lovlies!

I am so very sorry its been a while since my last pattern, I've been super busy making items for some new charities, and finishing up some classes I've been taking. Its all quite exciting.

Today I have a little gown for you, which I've called the Davida gown, which is Hebrew for "Beloved" Very fitting <3

This gown doesn't have any particular "size" It depends entirely on what yarn and hook size you use. In the image you can see 2 gowns, one smaller then the other. The smaller one will fit about 22-24 weeks, and is made using a 3mm hook and some baby 4ply fingering yarn. The larger uses DK 8ly yarn and a 4mm hook and will fit around 26-28 weeks. Play with the sizes and the hooks and see what you come up with.

Ill be sure to add project notes to the Ravelry page as I add more as well, so you can always check there to get more ideas.
I have also not made a note of the colour changes, as this can be varied for each gown, or you may like to just keep it all in one colour. The gown itself is very simple and once you get into the rhythm it is a breeze to make.

For closing options, you can choose buttons, ties on the back or even a ribbon threaded right through the bodice and tied at the back.

Instructions in (brackets) are to be completed in the SAME stitch.

Davida Gown:

Row 1: Chain 32, DC in 4th chain from hook,  Dc in next 2 dc, (1dc, ch, 1dc) in next chain, *dc in next 6 ch, (dc, ch, dc) in next chain.  Repeat from * two MORE times.  Dc in last 4 chs; ch 2 and turn.

2-4: dc in each dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in each ch1 space from the previous round, ch2, turn

5: Sleeve Row: dc in each st to the first ch1 space, skip all stitches and dc in the next ch1 space. One sleeve made. Repeat to create the second sleeve, dc to the end, ch2, turn.

6: *dc, dc, 2dc in the next* Repeat to end, ch2, turn.

7: ch1, *sk1, (dc, ch, dc) in the next*, v stitch made. Repeat to end, dc in last, ch2, turn.

8 and all rows until desired length reached: dc, v stitch in the ch1 space of each v stitch from previous row across, dc in the last st, ch2, turn.


  1. I can't tell you how special all your patterns are. Our church group is doing a service project for angel babies and I hope to share some of your beautiful items. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Beautiful gowns. Would you be able to post a photo of the back of the gowns? Thanks so much if you can.

    1. Hi there
      I don't have any of these on hand at the moment to grab a photo of the back. It is just open the entire way down. I have found some people have a slightly jagged edge, due to the way they crochet, and so they simply sc down the edges :)

      When I make another I'll be sure to grab a photo and add it here.

  3. I love this pattern but am struggling with it...not sure where I am going wrong! Do you have to do two sides to this and join them?? I'm not sure if it is the sleeve instructions that have put me wrong. Really want to complete this but need help. Thanks

    1. Hi there,
      This dress is all one piece, it has a completely open back :)

      For the sleeve row, you need to dc until you get to the firs ch1 (from the previous row) skip the next lot of stitches, and dc into the next ch1. Then dc in all stitches until you get to the 3rd ch1 space, dc into that and then skip the next lot of stitches again, dc into the last ch1 space and dc in the remaining stitches.

      It sounds a little confusing the way I have originally wrote it, this is one of my earlier patterns so the wording could be a little better. Sorry for any confusion.

  4. Hi, I am having trouble with the term sk1 in row 7. I am a self taught left hander & learnt sitting opposite my mum 50 years ago!!
    I have tried to check out books for the term but without luck. I have never tried anything so small before & enjoying it till this row.
    Please help an older woman conquer this task. Thanks Marlene

    1. Hi there Marlene,
      sk1, means to skip one stitch. Hope that helps :)

    2. Yes thanks, it certainly did help. I have now completed the pattern & Im quite happy. Your pattern is delightful & once I mastered that your term dc meant a trb - treble to me (Australian). I'm supporting my daughters friend gather some pieces to donate to a hospital in Qld. I will also attempt a few more of your patterns so I can make a complete outfit. Thank you once again. Marlene.

    3. Ahh yes. I am in Australia as well (Down in Tassie), but I learnt online using US terms, so that is what I write in as well. Glad you got the dress complete and good luck to your daughters friend collecting the items, I am sure the hospital will be very appreciative of your gifts :)

  5. Myshelle cole i want to thank you for your free preemie patterns i am in a group that makes preemie item's that are sent to hospitals all over to help the parents and the hospitals, do you do the bereavement gowns and outfits for boy's to be buried in, it is not a happy time for the parents so to see them dressed like an angel help's, i have just made the flower pillow and one of your gorgeous bonnets to go with a gown i made, so they have got a set and i think it looks great, thank you very much xxx

  6. Super easy pattern. I love it! How long do you usually make the gowns?i know the number of rows is probably different for ach orson but I'm just looking for an overall estimated length.