Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crochet socks for preemies and full term babies

Hello hello!

Finally happy to be back with a new pattern for everyone. Im super excited about this one too!
SOCKS! Well, bootie style socks at least. These ones come in a variety of sizes, so please ready the instructions.

For 26-28 weeks you will need 4ply (fingering or light sport weight) yarn and a 4mm hook.
For 28-32 weeks you will need 8ply (dk weight) yarn and a 3mm hook
For 32-36 weeks you will need 8ply (dk weight) yarn and a 4mm hook
For 38-40 weeks and 0-3 months 8ply (dk weight) yarn and a 4.5mm hook

You will need a main and a contrasting colour. These booties use very little yarn so wonderful for scrapbusting.

For all sizes with the correct yarn weight and hook size: Starting with your contrasting colour:

R1: Ch2, hdc 8 times into the first chain, join. (8)
R2: Ch2, hdc twice in each stitch around, join. (16)
End contrasting colour and join main colour
R3: Ch2, hdc in each stitch around, join. (16)
R4-5: Repeat R3
R7: Ch2, hdc in the next 10 stitches, turn. (10)
R8-9: Repeat R7 (10)
R9: For 32-36, 38-40 and 0-3 Months Only: Repeat R7
R10: This row is completed along the top of the bootie. (Refer to image below) Work 15 (17 for 32+) hdc stitches evenly in the ends across the top.
R11: ch2, turn, hdc in each stitch across.
End off leaving a tail long enough to sew the heel closed. Sew heel and weave in ends.
Join contrasting colour to any stitch from R11
R12: ch3, dc in each stitch around, join.
R13: Repeat R12.
End off contrasting colour and weave in ends.

Sock completed. Make a second for a pair.


You can also make them in a solid colour, or with only the toe in a contrasting colour.


  1. merci pour ses beau chaussons et bravo

  2. Is the beginning ch in each round meant to act as a stitch or is it separate?

    1. The chain does not count in the stitch count :)

  3. Hi, Is this double knit wool in England?

    1. That's right, Aussie 8ply is Europe's Dk Double Knit yarn :)

  4. I'm not visualizing where to begin row 10. Could you provide extra guidance? Thank you!

    1. The 4th picture shows the start of row 10. Its the start of the ankle cuff. If you hold the sock infront of you with the toe pointing away from you (and the sole towards the floor) it would start in the right corner and work left. Does this help any? If not I can see about getting some more images.

  5. Could you please convert to UK stitches please. I must say these are one of the cutest booties and can't wait to try them. Thank you

  6. Great pattern. Easy and adorable. Thanks!

  7. I was so thrilled to find your site!my sister had her first early,@is due again,@ is already having complications ,@ your patterns are a godsend,easy quick,@ absolutely adorable! Thankyou!for sharing!!!much appreciated! !!!

  8. Great pattern thanks

  9. Pattern was so easy thank you made a pair for my grand daughter but don't know how to put picture of it on here

  10. Love it they are the best ones tried others but no luck love it!

  11. Best it tried thanks so much

  12. can you use the magic circle to start