Friday, September 6, 2013

Mini tampon wallet

Morning peeps!

Another sanitary wallet today. This one came about while trying to find ways to use up some variegated yarns. I LOVE the colours in them, but Im often unimpressed with how they crochet up and as a result have heaps of these barely used balls of variegated. Time to do something with them all!

This itty little wallet will hold 2 regular and 2 mini tampons and its super quick to work up.

You will need:
DK weight (8ply) yarn
3mm hook
1 button

ch12, sc in the second chain from hook and each across to the second last, in that do 2sc, on the opposite side of the chain stitches work sc's back across to the end, and one sc in the very last stitch, do not join.

We'll be working in rounds now, sc in each stitch around until your piece measures 6cm. Fold your pouch flat and mark off the middle 9 stitches on one long side. These will be your closing flap. sc till you get to the last of the 9 stitches you marked.

Ch1, turn, sc 9.
ch1, turn, sc 9
ch1, turn, sc2tg, sc in the next 5, sc2tg
ch1, turn, sc 7
ch1, turn, sc in the first 3 stitches, ch2 (or ch3 if you are using a larger button), sc in the last 3 stitches.

Finish off, weave in all ends. Add the button and your done!


  1. Finally someone else who uses a non applicator tampon!!!

  2. Love this! Been looking for something to store my OB tampons in!!