Thursday, January 25, 2018

DIY Christmas (or any other themed) notepads

Good morning lovelies!

Well, here we are towards the end of the month, and the first for the year Christmas themed post!

Christmas 2017 I made up 30 small sized stockings to take to the local community houses and organisations that work with Children. I didn't want to fill them with just junk and after a long hard think about it, I decided on stationary. Kids of all ages like to draw, colour and write, and it was the perfect idea for filling these stockings!

I wanted to include notebooks, but I realised quickly that these small stockings would need equally small notebooks. Larger ones were not an option, all items needed to be contained in the stocking itself, for ease of distribution by the organisations.

The solution is a simple one, but oh so pretty at the same time. Also, totally customisation! You could make these for all sorts of occasions, and even print out your own paper for them too if you like! They are also super cheap, which is important when your making bulk lots of things on a budget.

I picked up a stack of 10 pads in Shiploads for $2 The pads were all connected together and so I had to pull them apart before starting. I used my craft knife to make this job easier, and avoid ripping any of the paper.

You will need:
Paper pads, or make your own by cutting paper to the right size and stapling
Cardstock in your chosen print/colour/theme
A craft knife or something to score cardstock with
A ruler
A glue stick

1: Separate your notepads (or make them if doing your own) and measure how big they are in width and length.

2: Grab your cardstock, and mark the width you need on it. If you are using small pads and 12x12 cardstock you should get 3 rows. Add an inch to the measurement for length, so you have enough to fold over the edge of your pads, and mark that on the cardstock too. Cut out your pieces, you should have something like this, with the cardstock being an inch longer in size than the pad. The cardstock is the bottom piece. I ended up getting 6 covers from one 12x12 sheet of cardstock.

3: Lay the notepad on top of the cardstock and score the cardstock at the same height as the pad.

4: Add some glue to the top section of the cardstock, and fold it over the edge of the pad so it sticks to the back of it.

5: Press down firmly to make sure the cardstock is both stuck and in place and that's it, you are done!

These little notepads worked great for the stockings, but I can see oodles of potential here. They would make awesome personalised save the date or thanks for coming gifts, you could use photos in place of cardstock, or get super creative and decorate some plain cardstock to use for covers. 

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