Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pinspiration - Wall Hanging From Yarn

Good morning all and welcome to yet another new theme for the blog, Pinspiration!

What on earth is Pinspiration? Well, according to Urban Dictionary it's "Using the website Pinterest to find inspiration"

Now, I know if you've landed here on a craft blog, you've probably at some point gotten some Pinspiration yourself! I spend a LOOOT of time browsing Pinterest, sometimes, I'm ashamed to say, for many many hours. I can't help myself!

Well, while browsing about the other day I spotted a bunch of lovely wall hangings made from yarn, and I thought, you know what, I bet I could do that too!

Mostly my Pinspiration for this came from a photo I saw on My Desired Home which linked back to another site, which appears to not exist anymore. So, if anyone happens to know of the original, let me know and I'll update this, because as always, credit where due <3

This isn't a tutorial as such, but at the end I'll list my supplies and let you know m process. Maybe you'd like to have some fun with yarn wall hangings too!

So I started looking through my stash, looking for some yarn to use. It's no surprise I was drawn to this amazing green, it is after all, my favourite colour! I knew I wanted to make something earthy, so I picked a handful of browns, greens and greys to pair with it, but I really wasn't sure which I'd use until I started playing with it.

I hung the branch from a chair before I started looping yarn, I figured it would be easier than trying to loop it all flat. Oh boy was I right!

The best part about this kind of decor is you can totally customise it. Even if you used the same items and colour scheme of mine, it'd still come out different!

I had a lot of fun deciding where to place the splashes of colour. I ended up only using 3 additional colours of yarn. The thick chunky grey for an off set braid, a purple/green mixed yarn for some knotting and braiding and a variegated green which I just looped 1-2 strands at a time in between the solid green to break it up a little. Some of the solid green is also braided and knotted. It's completely random, and I didn't plan any of the knotting or braiding, it just happened as I went. I decided to go with a triangular edge, instead of straight across.

Once I was done with the yarn, I realised it needed something else to really make it POP so I went for a craft room rummage. Boy did I rummage! I ended up finding a jar of these little irregular shaped beads and thought they would work fantastic against the green.

The hardest part was trying to figure out how to attach them. My yarn was too thick to thread them on, and my needles had too large a eye to fit through the beads. Honestly, this perplexed me for much longer than it should have, and a few hours later after putting it aside for dinner, I had one of those AHA! moments. Sewing thread! I had a dark green in my stash already, so it was just a matter of adding the beads to the thread, and then looping the thread to the branch in a triangular shape, so it matched the bottom of the hanging.

Overall, the project didn't take more than a few days, from hunting for the right stick at the park, to adding the last bead. I think it came out fantastic too! Pretty sure I'll need to make some more of these for friends in the future!

Supplies List:
Yarn (a hank of solid green, and part balls of chunky grey, green variegated and a green/purple mix)
A Stick that's reasonably straight (I found mine at the local park)
Sewing Thread
Thread/String/Yarn to hang your branch

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