Thursday, January 4, 2018

Felt Board Shapes - Cars

Good morning lovelies!!

The first in "new segments" for the blog this year is Felt Board templates!

Oh boy, does Master J just LOOOOOVE his felt board. It's so old and ratty looking, but he doesn't care, he loves that thing! I think though, I have equal amounts of fun planning and making little felt shapes for him to play with, and I figure, you guys might like them too!

Felt boards are cheap as chips to pick up, or you can make your own by simply gluing some felt to a piece of sturdy cardboard, or even in a photo frame (with no glass of course) or you could forego the board all together and just lay down a large piece of felt to use as a base for the pieces to stick to.

For our first felt set for the year, I thought we'd start with one of Master J's favs. Cars! These are super simple to make. In fact, it takes longer waiting for the fabric paint to dry than it does actually making the set! These make fun quiet time play toys, are excellent story prompts and also make fantastic gifts!

Here's how!

You will need:
Access to a printer
Some felt in various colours
Puff Paint or Fabric Paint (I used both, but mostly a puff paint from Kmart)
Glue (I used good ol' 450 craft glue)
A Marker
Popcorn. Because mamma needs a mid project snack!

Let's get started

1: Grab the PDF file and print it. You can find the file HERE

2: Cut out the templates from the paper you just printed

3: Lay the template on the felt and either cut around it, or trace around it and then cut the pieces out.

4: Glue! Grab your glue and start putting your pieces together. Doors and windows onto cars, add the wheels too. Glue signs onto sign posts as well.

Eat some popcorn while you wait for the glue to dry enough to hold everything in place when you move it.

5: Paint! Get your puff paint or fabric paint and add white lines to the road (or yellow), stripes on the traffic cones, STOP to the stop sign, and lights on the traffic lights. You could add more detail to the cars if you like, but by this stage I was over squeezing paint out of tiny bottles.

Wait for it all to dry overnight and TADAA! A new set of felt cars for your little one!

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