Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing with the Sharp Crochet Hook.

Hello my lovlies. Not a pattern update today (ohnoes Shell! Why not!!)

Today I wanted to share with you some things Ive been working on and playing with. I want to share with you this amazing little device known as the Sharp Crochet Hook. I was lucky enough to be gifted one and I have to say, Im in love. Its opened a whole new world of creativity!

My first attempt was with that lovely super soft and fluffy micro fleece. Well, it did work, but I had to really shove to get the hook through. Probably not good to use such a thick material, and now I know for next time huh! Used crochet cotton in white, and just spaced it as I went, I didn't mark each spot. I did a sc through the material, then chained one. Keep going all around. Then for the second row I switched to a 3.5mm hook and did 2dc in every ch1 space. Looks so pretty!

After learning my lesson with the micro fleece... I opted for some white flannel. This hook was just made for crocheting onto flannel! Went through super easy and in no time at all I have this lovely little wrap finished! Again, crochet cotton, sc, ch1 around, switch to a 3.5mm hook, sc in each ch1 space around, then for the final row I simply went *sl, sl, 3dc in the next st* the entire way around.
I didnt count my stitches on the first round, so I didn't have the right multiple to get a perfect finish, I was one stitch off so the last lot of sl st's was 3 instead of 2 but hey no biggy there, can't even notice!

Im going to work up a few more wraps for charity today and try some other yarns. I have some Moda Vera Gelato and some Baby Belle Sprinkle Im itching to try! Ill share my results with you guys when Im done. 

Well I guess you guys did get a pattern after all, however simple it may have been. And if your wanting to grab one of these nifty little hooks yourself head on over to or you can find them on facebook at sharpcrochethook

And to my Aussie readers, yes they DO post internationally! It took just under 3 weeks for mine to arrive which from the States is about average, and most deff worth the wait! Ill be sure to share some more projects with this hook in the future. I already see hard soled booties in my dreams, now to get them from my head to paper!


  1. Did you sew or serge the edges of the flannel first to avoid raveling? Thanks!

    1. If I were making them for a full term baby I would, because it would fray in the wash. This one was only a 12x12 for a wrap for an stillborn bub so it would only be used the once and no need for edging.

      I don't have an overlocker to serge the edges, but I have done so with a tight zigzag stitch.