Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tie Back 3 Inch Booties

UPDATE: 30/10/2012
added instructions below on how to make booties for sizes:22 weeks gestation.

I know I know, second post tonight! I just really wanted to get this one up :)
Its a bit dark tonight inside so the images are slightly dark but Ill be adding more to the Ravelry page tomorrow so you can have a peak there if you want to see it in other colours.

These booties are so simple to make, use hardly any yarn and have an open back. If you are making them for a bigger preemie, or a doll, you may like to close the back seam by sewing it up. Booties are 3 inches long and will fit Hrm about 30-32 weeks. Right under here is the pattern as is, and below Ive added some images to help beginners out with the steps. Ive made these in both pink and blue and they look equally good in both.

American Terms
DK weight yarn in chosen colours.
3.5mm Hook
Needle for weaving in ends.

1. ch3, 12 dc in the first ch, sl st join
2. ch2, hdc *hdc, hdc, 2hdc* 4 times
3. ch2, hdc round, join
4-5 Repeat round 3
6. ch2, hdc next 11.
7. ch2, TURN, hdc 11
8-9. Repeat row 7
Finish up main colour and weave in ends.

With contrasting colour:
ch25, join with a sl st to one corner, ch2 and dc in the same st you joined in. dc in each st around the top of the bootie. After dc in the last st, ch2 and sl st into the same stitch. chain 25 to create the second tie and end off.

After round 3.

After row 6

After row 7

Completed bootie without the ties

sl st the yarn to the corner after you have chained 25

ch2 and sl st into the last stitch

22 weeks gestation version
3mm Hook
4ply baby yarn

1. ch3, 10 dc in the first ch, sl st join
2. ch2, hdc in the same *hdc, 2hdc*  around, join.
3. ch2, hdc round, join
4. ch2, hdc next 10.
5. ch2, TURN, hdc 11
6-7. Repeat row 5
Finish up main colour and weave in ends.

Add ties as per instructions above.

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  1. I took a box of preemie items in today. Here in Kansas City they no longer put hats on preemie' s due to the chance of crib death. Just thought I'd pass that along. Don't know if that's everywhere in the US or just here. Love your patterns. Margie.