Thursday, August 23, 2012

Purple Picot Hat

Originally, Id planned to release this hat with a set, but it occurred to me that its easier to have individual project pages on Rav, and so Id do the same here. Plus, the gown that goes with it will be in picture tutorial form so quite a long post by itself and wont be ready for a few days yet.

This hat is made from Bella Baby Sugar in Lilac which is a 4ply baby yarn, Thats fingering weight for you non Aussies. Its so easy and quick that you could make one in 10-15 minutes!

Purple Picot Hat

20-22 weeks gestation

3.00mm hook and 4ply (fingering/baby) yarn

1. ch3, 10dc in 1st chain, join.

2. ch3, 2dc in each stitch around, join.

3. ch3, dc in the same stitch as chain, *dc in the next stitch, 2dc in the next stitch* Repeat around, Join.

4 - 6. ch3, dc in each stitch around, join.

7. ch3(counts as 1st hdc and ch1), *skip 1 stitch, hdc, ch1* Repeat around, join.

8. slst into the ch1 gap, in the gap (ch3, sc into the 1st ch, slst into the same gap), sl st into the next gap and repeat around, sl st to join.

If you make this same hat with a 3.00mm hook and DK weight yarn you will get a hat that will fit roughly 22-24 weeks gestation.

If you make it with a larger hook (for larger babies) you will want to add an increase row, and an extra length row.


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  2. Hi, I'm making items for our neonatal unit but it is many years since my grandson was that size. This is just what I want but can you tell me what the actual measurement is for this 20-22 purple picot hat so I know I'm making it the right size, please.

  3. thank you for these patterns, i do a lot of hats etc for the babies that didn,t make it past 20-24 weeks gestation and it is very hard to find any pattern small enough, the hats are quick and i have easily put different types of edging on to make them different, it brings a lot of healing and peace to the mums to see them dressed nicely, again thank you