Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memory Pillow V2

Here is the second pillow, this one is 5x5 inches and can be made in any colour. Inspiration came from an image of a knit one in a magazine, it however had no pattern (was a decorative mag, not a craft one) Thought it looked nice and recreated it.

On that note, if anyone would like to see a particular type of memory pillow, hanging, hat, any memorial item at all, by all means let me know. I cant promise I can make it, but I can try! I'm always open to suggestions! If you would like to email me links or photos or scans, go for it. I'm all about creating to help!

Memory Pillow V2 - The Big Bow

dk weight yarn in 2 colours
4.00mm hook

Pillow - Make 2 in main colour

R1. Chain 19
R2. HDC in second ch from hook and each across. (18)
R3. ch2, turn. HDC in each st across.

Repeat row 3 until your piece is as long as it is wide. mine is 5x5 inches

Bow - Make 1 in contrasting colour

R1. Chain 25
R2. DC into 3rd ch from hook and each across
R3. ch3, dc in each st across

Bow Centre - Make 1 in main colour

R1. ch12, hdc in each stitch across
R2. Ch2, turn, hdc in each st across. Finish off leaving 4 inch tail for sewing.


sew the centre bow piece around the main bow so it pulls the main bow in slightly.

With right sides facing, sandwich the bow between the pillow pieces. Starting in the top right corner stitch around the edges until you get to the top left corner.

Turn the pillow in the right way and stuff, then sew the last side closed.

Thats it, your done! Pretty simple and only uses a few stitches. this one took me about an hour in total.

Remember, Charity patterns should not be used for profit!

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  1. Really beuitiful I have also made these but not this patten yes the more I look at this the more I love it