Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memory Pillow V3 - Daisy Do

Version 3 is based on cushions that have buttons in the middle that pull in, however by the time I added my edging it looks more like a flower, so Daisy Do it is!

If you happened to miss the first 2, these are Memory Pillows, designed for Chance's Clothing Project, their link is in V1 post :)

This one is a little more complicated then the other 2, but it is faster. Crocheting in a round always works up faster then back and forth. Here goes!

dk weight yarn
2 buttons
4.00mm hook

R1. Ch3
R2. DC 10 times in the first chain
R3. Ch3, 2dc in each st around, join.
R4. Ch3, dc in the same st *dc, 2dc in the next* Repeat around, join
R5. Ch3, dc in the same st *dc, dc, 2dc in the next* Repeat around, join

Hold both pieces together, wrong sides facing and in contrasting colour single crochet around the 2 circles to join them together. Stuff before you get to the end.

*ch3, sk2, sc* Repeat around and join to the first ch
(sl st, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sl st) in each ch3 space, sl st to the first sl st to join.

Adding the buttons

Tie on your yarn with a knot on the front of the pillow. Pass the needle through to the centre of the back and through one hole in the button, pass back through the button then out the front of the pillow. pass through the first then second hole on the front button then push the needle back through to the back of the pillow. Pull really tight so the buttons pinch on a little and tie a knot underneath the back button so it covers the knot, then weave in the ends. Button attached!


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    1. I always make a pair when donating, this is so one can be buried with bub and the other can stay with the family.